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Julia Technologies Case Study

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Julia Technologies is a company that sells and manufacture technologies to other companies or any other customers. Julia technologies provide technologies like computers, laptops, mobile phones, TV, printers and much more. Julia technologies started in 2009 it has several branches over the UAE .There are almost 200 employees to work in this technology shops with different job positions such as the CEO , the salesman and the cashier in this company there are also different departments like the finance, HR , sales dept.

The problems that company Faced

After evaluating and analyzing the company performance we found many problems that they faced regarding the sales, marketing and services automation. The sales dept. have conducted a sales report to evaluate it and they have found out there is a churn of customers buying from their company which it's not stable first there was an increase of sales and in few moths it dropped so this was a problem that we faced because there were not much of sales going on.

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The other issue that linked to sales was the marketing we didn't make lots of advertisement for our company so not many people knew us. The contact between the customers and our company wasn't very strong so when customers have any concerns or troubles they couldn't find us to contact us because we don't have a help disk or even customer service so this let us down. So we need to implement a CRM to help us overcome our problems and become a better technology company.

The purpose of CRM tool

CRM (Customer relationship management) is a strategic approach, which is used for the complete planning, controlling and execution of all interactive processes with customers. CRM covers the whole company and the entire customer life cycle and contains the Database Marketing and corresponding CRM software as a management tool. CRM has many advantages like it increase the customer satisfaction and attract new customers it also increase the profit, boost employee productivity so if we implement the CRM it will benefit us the most.

SAP is a tool that can be used for the CRM. SAP CRM is the CRM tool given by SAP and is used for many a business procedure. As a part of SAP Business Suite, SAP provides solutions which support applications, databases, hardware platforms, ; operating systems from most of the main sellers. SAP has many features for example it supports the sales, marketing and service areas it also suits to manage customer relationship and it is implemented for different customer's interaction.

The CRM that we are going to use has different types which are the strategic, operational, collaborative and analytical but it our company we are going to focus on the operation and strategic. Operation will be using call center so the customer will not have to come to the company to ask he can call so it becomes fast and easy. Strategic will automate the product, production and sales.

How long they have been implementing CRM tool?

And the difference that makes in the performance of the business

After facing difficulties we implemented the CRM tool and it took us 11 months to implement because we had a plan to work on we divided the tasks on implementing CRM because each employee that is related to the implementing CRM they will carry the task and each task will had a start and finish date so the total duration was 11 months.

What we noticed was a big difference in the performance of the business when we implemented the CRM the first thing was the work we did in the business was manually all the customer information was taken manually by paper and then take it to the archive and once we want to get a particular customer information we had to look for it and this took lots of time however when we implemented the CRM tool which is sap we managed to transfer those data in the system and once we wanted to get the information it took us less than minutes to get what we want .this made us do the work fast and it was easier to enter the data now and it also increased the performance of the employee

The Steps to implement CRM

We will implement and build the CRM project for tracking and analyze all of the interactions you have with your customers and prospects. The CRM software is tool that focuses, simplifies and secures our customer engagement. The Business needs CRM to make it efficient and increase revenue for each employee and they will look for competitive advantage in a multi-channel customer environment.

To build the CRM project there are some steps, the first step is to identify stakeholders, Stakeholders include any side that will be affected by the adoption of CRM senior management, users of any new system, marketing staff, salespeople, IT specialists and customers. Also, the second step is to establish governance structures so this is the establishment of a formal or informal organizational system for project management and decision-making. The third step is to identify change management needs so the successful change management programs adopt a see feel change approach.

To create change it is necessary to get people to feel so emotionally engaged that they want to change and get people to see the need for change. In addition, the fourth step is to identify project management needs so define the steps of the trip from situation analysis to the achievement of CRM vision, goals and objectives by some tools like Gantt charts or Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). Identify the critical success factors is the fifth step, so CSF's are variables that can significantly impact business outcomes and are considered as the fundamental areas of activity that must be performed well if we are want to achieve the objectives of your business or project.

Moreover, from during this CSF it can customer information management, perform marketing automation and should senior management commitment. The sixth and last step is to develop risk management plan so there can be many prospect causes of failure, and which range from inappropriate project management to resistance of end-users to the adoption of new technologies. In this step, we will be trying to identify the risks to achieving required results.

The company's feedback

Company managers have conducted a questionnaire and interview for the employees that they have been using the CRM the managers wanted some feedback from the employees to know about the CRM and if it was helping the employees or they were facing some issues. This will help the managers to improve further more on the use of the CRM implementation.

"The company performance have increased a lot when we implemented the CRM (Ali Ahmed)
"It made us to the work fast and it increased the effort of the employees" (Maddie John)
"We will try to implement another types and tools to improve the company and increase its performance a lot more (Mohammed Hamad)


To conclude our company found many problems in marketing service and sales. So we implemented CRM it made a big improvement on the performance of the employees and it saved the time and effort of the employees it made the work complete rapidly. We also created steps on how to implement the CRM. At the end we collected some feedback from different employees to see if they are pleased with the new CRM system or if they are don't find it very helpful so the managers can improve it in the future.


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