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Iroquis Theater

Theatre Fire changed the way we now regulate codes for many buildings. Some codes that were done due to the fire are explained thoroughly in this paper. Two online articles were used to write the paper.

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Iroquois Theatre Fire could have been prevented, but due to what happened at the theatre we now have mandatory codes every public building must follow before opening, making patrons safe. Rushing the construction was a bad decision; filling the theatre above Its capacity as an even worse mistake.

Government officials made sure all these new regulations were followed through after the fire. On a Wednesday afternoon a fire that would change the codes for many public buildings happened at Iroquois Theatre. Many people called the theatre “fireproof”, but that wasn’t the case that Monday afternoon. While many people watched the second act of a play, the fire started. A spark from a malfunctioning light ignited a drop curtain and it spread quickly catching thousands of square feet on fire.

Due to ruddier construction to open the theatre right away, roof vents had been sealed off, preventing the heat, smoke and gases from escaping the fire causing many people to die. A fire curtain was supposed to be lowered in case of fire, but the stagehand trained to do so was out sick. These made many government officials think of how codes are important to prevent many deaths, or a fire. Reasons why we have exit signs on top of exits were because of the Iroquois Theatre Fire.

Iroquois Theatre Fire caused 602 lives to leave to heaven when a fire like that could have been prevented y many ways. Many law, regulations, and codes were made due to this fire, which changed our lives. Due to these regulations a fire can be handled the right way and people can get out of buildings faster. A regulation that is mandatory for buildings to have now is an exit sign on top of doors and clearly marked, and operable easily. In the theatre fire there was fire exits, but were either blocked or not marked to keep out unpaid patron out.

Now fire exits are mandatory to be in a building and clearly marked. At the time fire sprinklers were a new thing, due to the rushed construction the theatre didn’t have them, fire sprinklers are now a mandatory for theatre stages. It Is said the sprinklers could have raised the chances of this fire spreading as fast as It did, now buildings aren’t allow to open If fire sprinklers aren’t In the ceiling. The City of Chicago also rewrote its fire code to mandate outward-swinging doors In theaters, which now makes it safe for people to walk out of places In case of a fire happening.

A crash bar was made for all public building’s doors making It easy to run out of a building. On that night after workers couldn’t extinguish the fire people started to go crazy and couldn’t get out. All doors were blocked as people were trying to get out, due to having more people than the occupancy allowed. Since doors were blocked people stomped on each other to force their way out. The fire wasn’t the reason why many deaths happened, people stomping on each other killed many to the people.