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Inventory management

Do they ever face the problem of receiving orders for an item that their vendor is not able to fulfill because it is out-of-stock (over-ordering or running out of stock)? I. If no, can this be a problem they might have in the future? 1. If no, why not? N.

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If yes, how does the vendor handle it? 1. Cancels Order a. Does canceling order affect your relationship with the customer? B. Does canceling order affect the customer reputation for the vendor? C. Are there any other issues associated with canceling an order? 2. Purchases from another vendor to fulfill order a.

Does it affect their profit margin? B. Are there any other Issues associated with purchasing from another vendor? . Vendor will manufacture additional products to fulfill order a. Does this affect the delivery time? I. If yes 1 . Is changing delivery time okay with you? 2. Is changing delivery time okay with the customer? B. Are there any other Issues associated with manufacturing product after an online order has been received? 4. Is there another way to handle this Issue apart from canceling and order / Purchasing from another vendor / manufacturing additional products? Iii.

Would it help your vendors to have a tool that allows them to manage inventory across multiple online marketplaces? 1 . If yes a. Would your vendors be willing to pay for such a tool? B. Does your marketplace allow for a software to connect to your online marketplace using a Website API to allow l. Product uploads Inventory updates iii. Orders v. Viewing competitors asking prices c. Would you be willing to help us market such a tool? 2. If no, why not? V. Do you encourage your vendors to view their competitors pricing and price their products accordingly? 1 . If yes, would It help your vendors to have a tool that allows