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Intro of Sefam Pvt. Ltd.

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Mission History

Sefam was established in 1985 with the launch of its first brand 'Bareeze'. Bareeze's singular mission, and at time Sefam's was to create beautiful, desirable fabrics equal to the best in the world, yet made in Pakistan. Prior to Bareeze's entry into the market, amazingly, the concept of a locally made quality fashion product did not exist. All the best markets only sold and foreign fabric and foreign goods. Opening the first store in shadman market, Lahore in 1985, Bareeze sought to change this perception.

The first collection sold out in a matter of days and very soon the store had garnered the image of being a store which sells quality imported fabric claiming it to be local. Soon after, another Bareeze store was opened and then another and another. Currently, Bareeze sells from and operates 57 stores nationwide and another 10 globally. Bareeze has the distinction of being the first Pakistani chain store as well as the first Pakistani brand to go abroad (Dubai in 1995). Sefam has since broadened its vision from qua lity, desireable fabrics to quality desireable clothing for all categories of consumer.

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Currently sefam operates 5 brands and a total of 321 points of sale 107 location to this, sefam's brands also sell exclusively at another 10 locations worldwide. Sefams brands are: Bareeze Leisure Club Minnie Minors Chinyere Home Expressions Kayseria S

Erina Dyeing and Finishing

By 1999, there was already an undeniable need for a reliable dyeing and finishing source to cater to internal processing requirements of the group. Previous experiences in the local outsourcing market had proven to be difficult with high rejection rates and unreliable delivery times.

Hence Sarena was commissioned in March 2001, as a subsidiary of the Sefam Group of Industries. Since the time of inception, the factory has undergone expansion every year of its existence and now stands at 6 times its original capacity, with a heavy presence in the export market and state-of-the-art machinery. Sarena has had to work hard to make a mark in the export market. We owe our success to constant change and modernization and consistent quality. The group has invested heavily in machinery, technology and manpower to bring the process under control.

Sarena boasts some of the most well-renowned brand names in textile machinery such as Monforts, Bruckner, Babcock, Lafer, Goller, Benninger, Parex and many more. Our dyes and chemicals are imported from only the most respected global companies such as Dye Star, Ciba, ICI, BASF, Clariant etc. Alongside we have spared no expense in conformance accreditations and staff training. Sarena is ISO and OkoTexCertified. In addition our in-house laboratory is underway to becoming the first private laboratory in Pakistan to achieve the ISO 17025, which signifies conformance, reliability and standardization in all our testing procedures.

We believe, that in today's world, it is important to be competitive not only on the basis of pricing, quality  and service but also in R. Accordingly we invest heavily on development in weaves, finishes and constructions, and have a fresh batch of new developments offered to our foreign clientele every month. This adds to our existing portfolio consisting of successfully tested finishes such as micro-sanding, fire-retardant,  mildew-resistance, anti-bacterial, wrinkle-resistance, pre/post cure, Teflon, soil repellency etc.

We feel that it is out of all of the above, which spring from our thorough commitment to quality, that we still retain today our very first accounts. We invite you to come and share our quality experience.

Ali Embroidery Mills (PVT. )LTD

Hamedi Embroidery Mills (Pvt. ) Ltd. was established in 1972 to do schiffli embroidery work for the local whole-sale market that was mainly catering for the low end of the textiles segment. From the beginning, Hamedi enjoyed a good reputation for its fair dealings and commitment.

With the result that it had already doubled its capacity by 1978. However, in the next two to three years the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and the Iran revolution affected the embroidery industry of Pakistan so adversely that a majority of the businesses went bankrupt, and the government was forced to declare embroidery Sick Industry of Pakistan. It was at this juncture that Hamedi changed its focus from the low end of the market and concentrated on making the best possible quality of embroidery for the premium urban consumer of Pakistan.

The machines as well as the business culture were 'overhauled' with this new end in mind, and in 1985 Hamedi's sister concern, Sefam (Pvt. ) Limited, launched the new high quality product from the city of Lahore. The product was well received and soon the embroidery production capacity needed enhancement. Hamedi grew rapidly by acquiring some existing embroidery facilities as well as adding machines to its original setup. It was also the first in Pakistan to import the state of the art computerized schiffli machines and designing systems from Saurer Stick Systems of Switzerland.

It was then decided by the management that the the different embroidery companies be merged into one company by the name of Ali Embroidery Mills (Pvt. ) Limited. In the relentless pursuit of quality and innovation, a number of Ali Embroidery's staff were sent to Switzerland to receive training in new designing methods, machine operating procedures, and quality control techniques. At the same time, many qualified experts from Korea and Switzerland are routinely engaged to come and do hands-on training of Ali's technicians and designers at our premises.

Consequently, Ali Embroidery Mills has the most well trained embroidery staff in Pakistan. This human resource combined with the many state of the art computerized machines, and designing and sampling systems has ensured that the quality of Ali's product is by far the best in the country. . Today Ali has 30 schiffli machines, and is the largest manufacturer of embroidered fabric in Pakistan. More important than the number of machines is the fact that Ali has more goodwill than all the local competitors combined. This has been a result of Ali's philosophy of fair dealings with everyone including suppliers, employees and clients.

We believe that quality begins in-house when we decide to make a positive impact in the lives of all the different groups of people that will come in contact with our business. Along with this ideology, our focus on continuous innovation in products and procedures has made sure that we are always able to stay abreast of the competition.

Our Brands Bareeze

With over three decades of commitment to quality, Bareeze is today, a recognized brand for quality products in the domestic and international markets. It is owned by sefam (Pvt. ) Ltd. a sister concern of Sarena Industries and Ali Embroidery Mills (Pvt) Ltd. The Bareeze range includes crisp cottons, luxurious silks, sheer organza, chic chiffons and an ever-developing range of inovative products. Textile embroidery is an art-rooted tradition. Hand-done embroidery from the sub-continent was always considered a quintessence of quality, reflecting an exclusive fashion option. Bareeze is proud to be the modern day perfection of transforming traditional sub-continent hand embroidery into exclusive Bareeze fashion fabrics. Each Design - a Masterpiece

Taking as much pride in our products as the traditional artisan, we ensure that Bareeze fabrics are superbly fashioned, exquisitely detailed and carefully finished, so that each design is a masterpiece. Excellence - a Bareeze Hallmark The use of only the best materials and unflinching resolve not to compromise on quality, coupled with the use of the best swiss textile machinery enables us to produce embroidered fabrics which compare favorably with the best in the world. We have more than 50 outlets nationwide, and already well established setups in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and London.

Bareeze Brands There is something for everyone at all Bareeze Stores. Our resolve to excellence and decades of experience with success has enabled us to extend our product range and provide our clientele with a varied and extremely creative collection of Ready-to-Wear, Pret and Home Textile collections covering all age groups. Bareeze is a trendsetter in the mainstream fashion industry


Chinyere is a brand synonymous with sophistication & style. The Chinyere success story began in 1999 that has now evolved into the country's most popular and accessible fashion brand.

Chinyere garments are designed in-step with global fashions and in keeping with our tradition. Catering to women as well as men, today Chinyere has displays at all Bareeze outlets and is manufacturing :

  • Casual Wear
  • Formal Wear
  • Couture
  • Mens Wear
  • Sleep Wear
  • Abayas
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery for the local and the international markets.

Minnie Minors

Minnie Minors is a specialty kids brand selling high-quality apparel and accessories for children under the Boys, Girls, Infants, Party Line, Toys n Tales and Accessories categories. Minnie Minor’s history begins in 1998, making it one of the oldest kids brand in its field.

The appeal of the Minnie Minors is so high since its inception due to its versatile designing, high quality manufacturing, high-quality merchandise and modern retail for children ages newborn to five. Sub Brands Today Minnie Minor’s brands include Minitoes and MOM2B. Minitoes Minitoes kid's footwear is available in a range of sandals, booties, joggers, canvas casuals, long shoes. Each season Minitoes expands its extensive collection by adding new styles and collections. These change each season and some are only available in limited edition while others may be around for seasons to come.

Check out what’s new this season. From easy on-easy off designs to the low profile, lightweight outsoles. Your kids will love the look, you’ll appreciate the supportive footbed and roomy construction and you’ll both flip for the super fun patterns. MOM2B Pregnant women want to feel pretty, attractive and comfortable in clothes that fit their style, their taste and their budget. Whether you are a pregnant woman or lady in plus size, MOM2B will allow you to discover the best clothes to wear during pregnancy whatever the size of your belly! Here’s an innovative range of apparel for expectant mothers. An irresistible ariety of styles that is trendy, traditional and sophisticated all at the same time fulfilling all of mom’s social and mood requirements. For her comfort Mom2B also offers customized accessories like stretch lowers and a variety of stretch-to-comfort materials giving a natural support and lift to the tummy. . Minnie Minors Outlets Minnie Minors Outlets offers what our customers know and love about us: unique quality and style—at all outlets. There are 59 Minnie Minors Outlet stores open at premier locations nationwide with the international corporate existence at London, Manchester, Dubai and Norway.

Home Expressions

Bareeze started Home Expessions in 1999. A commitment. Home Expression ranges offer you the luxury of designed bed/ bath/table accessories. Our linen Range Is produced using the best quality cottons and polyester -cottons,dyed with speacil skill,to ensure color fastness. The 100% percale fabric used is among the finest in world . Bed linen range is combine with the distinctive embroidery designsand colors. Cotton range offers applique range which is of  more luxury and parint range which is of daily use . The bed spreads are hand -made and the embellishmaent is "Zardozi"work.

This involves Working on pure velvets ,silks organzas ,jamawars and net with the finest material avaiable . this range offers bed spreads. dulais. cushions ,rugs ,photo albums fancy trunks and table accessories . Upcomming attraction for the coustomer is leather range which includes cushions ,rugs ,table accessories . Choosing the right kind of bedding means you are half way there to get good night sleep. you will find bed linen in a color and quality you love .


After bringing a revolution in embroidery, Sefam Pvt. Ltd. now launches another brand Kayseria – Magic in print.

Welcome to the unique world of Kayseria, where every design is a masterpiece. Kayseria brings you a very special selection of pure silks and cottons in form of exclusive prints, complemented by beautiful and intricate embroideries and embellishments, to create a stunning array of fabrics, colour and designs. The designs crafted at Kayseria are trendy yet traditional, encompassing the richness of our ethnicity and culture. If you want to pamper yourself, indulge in someone you love, or just feel special, take yourself to nearest Kayseria store. Kayseria gives you real designer clothes at affordable prices.

Leisure Club

“Once upon a time, in a land of 180 million people, where locally made high quality, trendy clothing was not available, a compassionate and quality obsessed brand by the name of Leisure Club stepped forward to fill in the void. And so, on April 18th, 1997, hardcoded with the values of compassion, quality, integrity, and ingenuity, Leisure embarked on its mission. After 14 years of unparalleled excellence, Leisure Club has evolved into Pakistan’s no. 1 family fashion destination, featuring 3 premium sub-brands: Club X, LC Boutique, and LC Kids.

Club X provides trendy urban street wear for young adults, LC boutique offers elegant eastern wear for the entire family, and LC Kids gives cool clothing options for kids”. MOM2B Here’s an innovative range of apparel for expectant mothers. An irresistable variety of styles that are trendy, traditional and sophisticated all at the same time fulfilling all of mom’s social and mood requirements. For her comfort Mom2B also offers customised accessories like stretch lowers and a variety of stretch-to-comfort materials giving a natuaral support and lift to the tummy.

Casual Wear Extra Support Accessories

Career Article and Advices

Life at Sefam: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and provide employment to everyone regardless of their colour, race & gender. We believe our employees as our greatest asset and do not compromise on the potential and standard of our workforce. Our Philosophy: Continuous Learning Maintain High Standards Creativity and Innovative We are growing continuously and ensure our employees to share our growth with us and generate new quality standards for our competitors to reach. What we look for: dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who are creative and are ready to take initiative. What make our company the best employer is the healthy environment which we provide by allowing the staff to experiment and touch the new horizons. Career Development: Continuous development is our philosophy and we believe that every employee needs some kind of training or guidance to perform better. For this purpose we arrange annual and bi annual training programs in order to groom our work force. We also sponsor small courses for employees learning. How to Apply:

  1. Look for the opportunity of your interest in the current vacancy List by clicking Current Openings Tab.
  2. Click  Details to view the job description.
  3. Click Apply for the application Form. If you don’t see an opportunity of your interest, click on the Apply Online Tab.
  4. Fill the Online Form and after completing it click Submit Hardwork Has No Substitute.
  5. But It Should Be Focused And Followed By Tolerance, Forbearance And Fortitude, Highlights Ms. Neegam Qayyum, Executive HR, Sefam (Pvt) Ltd.

Neegam Qayyum: Despite of the fact that the current market situation for employment is not very favorable, even in such conditions, Sefam (Pvt) Ltd continuous to grow and hire new staff. Sefam (Pvt) Ltd is a growing organization which has one of the largest retail chain networks nationwide. We have a diversified workforce working at all levels. We experience low turnover rate and the best thing is the location of our head office which is in the centre of Lahore and proves to be convenient for the employees.

What is your strategy on work-life balance and how do you achieve this balance yourself? Neegam Qayyum: Sefam provides a very comfortable environment which helps our employees to balance their personal and professional life. Facilities like leaves, short leaves and time policy helps us to manage our work-life balance. We have relaxed and helpful environment which keeps employees motivated and enables them to manage their regular activities. In my views, the best way of achieving balance between professional and personal life is to prioritize the tasks according to their importance in our lives. Just set up your priorities and I am sure that there are very less chances of being left behind.

Do you believe that Pakistani universities are creating an effective talent pool and what is your company’s strategy to attract the best talent in Pakistan? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: We can not say that our universities are not producing talents but there is lot more which needs to be done. Most of the graduates, after passing out of the universities, are not aware of their own skills and abilities due to which the candidates get confused in choosing an appropriate career. The lack of exposure of practical life which creates a greater challenge to find a job in such a competitive environment is another area to be taken good care of.

The institutions need to bring out the confidence and help the graduate’s identity their skills and talent. They should be given the appropriate exposure of the market which will set them out to find an appropriate career. Career Counseling should be provided to all students on individual basis.

Due to rough economic situation and soaring price rise, how does your company deal with keeping itself cost effective and attractive for job seekers? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: The economic situation has been very rough from the last couple of years and has affected every enterprise.

However, even in such conditions Sefam has never stopped hiring and hasn’t gone for any sort of layoffs as yet. Sefam’s continuous growth has kept the spirits high. Sefam does not compromise on quality of our staff and products. We are working on more effective recruitment ways to keep our hiring costs low and retain our valuable employees.

What are, in your views, the basic principles of success in a professional life? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: I believe in: “Work , Work and Work” as said by our Quaid. Hard work has no substitute but it should be focused and followed by tolerance, forbearance and fortitude. Be open to learn new lessons, even if they contradict the lessons you learned yesterday”    -Ellen De Generes

How would you rate the success and importance of online recruitment firms such as ROZEE. PK? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: Online recruitment firms have made recruitment a lot easier, reliable and cost effective. However, it still needs to flourish and create maximum awareness in Pakistan. As the economic conditions get stable and new opportunities hit the market, online recruitment will be the most reliable one. ROZEE. PK has definitely made a mark in Pakistani job market and it has set up the trend of online recruitment in Pakistan.

How has ROZEE. PK helped your firm regarding recruitment i. e. Have you tried any recruitment tools provided by ROZEE. PK e. g. Job Fairs/Job Postings/CV Search? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: We have been using various tools provided by ROZEE. PK and have also participated in their different Job Fairs. It has been very useful and effective in certain areas. It not only provides us with a good pool of candidates but also markets our company’s actual name in the market (We are known by the name of Bareez’e which is one of our famous brands). ROZEE. PK has always been helpful to make a pool of candidates which makes it easy to select best out of them.

What is the scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: As far as my limited experience is concerned, I believe that human resource is the ‘humane’ part of organization. It is the only department which is sensitive to life, emotions, and feelings. HRM still has a long way to go in Pakistan. I am sure that time will come when every firm and institution will invest in such a department. The future of HR is bright along with a tough competition among candidates.

Tell us about your educational life? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: I earned my bachelor’s degree from Kinnard College in sciences and started working with The City School. Later on I realized that I need to develop myself and the career which suited my skills and abilities was, as me and my Mentor came up with , was HRM. After completing my Masters Degree in HRM from Punjab University, I worked wih Strategic Systems International for some time and later joined Sefam (Pvt) Ltd. I focused on creating and bringing new ideas to life. I have been lucky enough that Sefam provided me the opportunity to start things from scratch enabling me to learn the practical ways of the field.

I have been an average student and always worked on expressing things in my own definitions rather than learning by rote. I always used to read, understand, and express in my own words. Even in examinations I hardly used extra sheets. My focus has always been on practical part of the studies.

 What is your formula of success in life? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: I don’t believe there can be a formula for success but what has always worked for me is prioritizing things both, personal and professional, followed by hardwork, persistence and the utmost important blessings, of Almighty Allah.

What are the biggest turn-offs in an interview of a job applicant? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: The biggest turn-offs of a job applicant as I have experience are:

  1. The candidates who are not sure of the area they want to work in.
  2. Candidates who ask the salary package first rather than position and job description.
  3. Candidates who are not confident in their mother language and to overcome their deficiency they keep on speaking incorrect English language.

What do you look for in a candidate during a hiring interview session? Name 4 key things?

Neegam Qayyum: The key factors I look for in a candidate are:

  • Loyalty factor
  • Optimistic approach towards career
  • Relevant qualification and experience for passion to contribute

Any good advice you want to give for the job seekers who want to enter and/ or prosper in the professional field? Ms. Neegam Qayyum: I would rather suggest that job seekers should be aware of their inborn talent and creative skills before entering the Field and find a job matching their interest and set of skills. So that when they enter the practical life they sharpen up their skills rather than getting confused about their own abilities.

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