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Intro of duality in dr

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The upper class and the middle classes were very concerned about morality, money and appearance, since they wanted to keep a high respect among their friends, and declassify themselves from the lower level of society. This meant that every 'respectable' person belonging to these social classes had to conform to social standards and to the ideas of virtues, ethics, charity and respectability. So they built another personality, behind which they hld their true characters, keeping their instincts and real preferences secret.

Women were considered innocent and pure creatures that had to spend their lives at home and depended on the men M members of the upper classes used to hide the fact that they indulged in forbidden' activities and desires, such as prostitution, opium, drinking and gambling, but at the same time they supported this moralizing trend: this brought to an atmosphere of hypocrisy which is quite difficult to make out the border between the true and falsity, real intentions and hidden opinions.

The author of 'The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' Is Robert Louis Stevenson. He was extremely Interested in the theme of duality. Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer. He was born on November 13th 1850 and died on December 3rd 1894. To understand fully where Stevenson was brought up, its necessary to understand that there are two parts of Edinburgh, on one side there is New Town, which is posh, respectable, religious and polite.

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Intro of duality in dr

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On the other side of Edinburgh, It's more to the dark and lald- ack style and the society is classed very low. These two aspects contrast each other and make a deep impression of his fascination of duality in the human nature. Stevenson suffered from nightmares and had numerous health problems. One of his childhood nightmares Inspired him to write about 'Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this Is because he believes that there Is good and evil In every character. The theme of duality runs throughout the whole book and is revealed in several aspects.

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