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Integrated Social Telemarketing

Essay Topic:

The emphasis on consumer which involves thorough research and coherent evaluation is the thrust of social telemarketing. The foundation of social telemarketing process would be research and evaluation per se. Social telemarketing emerged in the 1970’s as a specialized field of study in marketing.

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Gerald Zaltman and Philip Kotler were the proponents of social telemarketing. they realized that similar marketing strategies which are used to sell products to consumers can be used in “selling” ideas and behaviors as well.

Kotler suggested that social telemarketing as “differing from other areas of marketing only with respect to the objectives of the marketer and his organization. ” It seeks to influence social behaviors which will benefit its target market and its apparent society as a whole. However, such direct marketing method requires significant funding in order to push through with operations (Weinreich, 2006). Direct Product Marketing Direct product marketing pertains to the generation of particular product or service which the consumer wants or needs.

In order to produce a product for a consumer, a marketer generates a marketing mix to determine the feasibility of a product in its market and to address the needs of its target market as well. Introducing a new product to the general public refers to the product market. The consumer market is the people you are trying to entice in order to buy the product. A product market is subjective in nature. For instance, you can’t lure a 60 year old in buying the new model of the X-box video game console. Likewise, you can’t sell a hair grower shampoo to a toddler ( Wheelright & Clark, 1992). Email and Voicemail Marketing

Due to the fast-paced and sporadic technology, direct marketing has spawned a method called Voicemail Marketing, in which utilizes business voicemail systems and personal voice mailboxes. Such direct marketing method is considered cost effective compared to the costly expenses brought about by Social Telemarketing. Voicemail Marketing simply makes good with an enticing human voice in order to reach out to clients. However, such method has its loopholes due to the proliferation of “voicespam”, which urged a number of jurisdictions to promulgate laws regarding consumer violations concernig voicemail marketing.