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The core purpose of this report is to provide a business case to Toy Story, identify and explain all of the particular areas which requiring changing. On the other words, in which, Toy Story may have to adopt a new IT solutions, or even a new IS implementation, in order to resolve all the problem areas. Hence, coming along in the report, we would show by diagram, explain and describe the input and output of implementing in a high quality of Information System.

By which, in doing so, the organizations would immediately evaluate the impact on change through the Business Information System on the organization flow. INTRODUCTION The nature of the business is toy industry, in sort to the background, the business start operating since January 2001, by the owner Barry Lightyear, affectionately known to all as Buzz. Buzz's passion for innovation in toy making, had decided Buzz to leave his previous employer, Toy Kingdom, and set up his own manufacturing company named" Toy Story".

Throughout the years, the business has grown rapidly and become to medium size with around 180 employees. Toy Industries, or rather toy story, have been executed in the year 2001, month of January, by the owner Barry Lightyear, also known as Buzz Lightyear. His passion for Toy making is famous for the choice he made, in resigning from his previous post of work, Toy Kingdom, and starting up his own company named Toy Story. REVIEW AND DISCUSSION My partner and I have requested by Buzz, the owner of Toy Story to prepare a business case advising how Toy Story could attain its objective.

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Certainly, there are some important features that organizations and managers need to know about in order to build and use the Information System successfully. His company had grown rapidly and now has approximately 180 employees. The division of work have then divided into 6 different resources; Accounting, Sales, Financial, Purchasing, Production and Logistics. Each of them has different roles to play in the company. During the past events, Toy Story have created 5 major production lines these include wooden toys, plastic, moulded toys, metal toys, paper games and cards and soft toys.

Toy Toob has initially become the child favours. The toy has achieving desired result on sales revenues throughout the year. IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM AREAS ; SOLUTIONS ADDRESSED The organization has division of 6 departments which are Accounting, Sales, Finance, Purchasing, Production and Logistic. Each of the departments currently has facing significant element, which has stated as below:- Inefficient operating system: ; No computer based recording system: Order can only be via by email, or phone. This has becoming unproductively to Toy story when providing customers services.

No tracking or stocking system: There is no way to track the filling order and always consider delaying the good to customers. ; No internal control: Quantity or produce of toys in production is unpredictable. Toys can be running low, or even out of stock. Toy story receive immense sum of complaints from customers when they placing in an order. Difficulties are Toy story has not responding customers in real time; even the worse is Toy story has not enough stocks in order to make offer to customers, etc.

The customers are totally not satisfied with Toy story ordering and operating system. They have rather chosen to purchase their toys from other competitors, who will deliver them the better customer services. Nevertheless, Toy story is not making sufficient improvement of operating excellence to attain higher profitability in customer relationship area. Toy story has lost the great opportunity to serve the customers well, which drop revenues and profits in their business. Solution address to operation system:


Customer relationship management system consists to track and keep organize of all customers' details and processing on high technical software applications. CRM can describe as a technology or a system; it's also more likely a way of managing, maintaining good customer services with perspective customers even when you cannot meet every face to face. Approaching strategic, plan, and marketing, CRM is a consider weapon remaining your existing customer loyalty. Initially, new customers are challenging and cost you money on advertising. On other hand, loyal customers make profitable in your business.

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