Industrial Training

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Industrial Training refers to work experience done during the time of study in the university that aim is to provide professional development prior to graduation. It is very important for a student to learn and know the real work environment and to build the required skill in the student so that they can get ready and apply during working once they graduate.

There are a few objectives of the Industrial Training such are:

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  1. To provide an opportunity for students to learn and know required interpersonal skills through meeting with workers in their field of study. This will increase students confident to communicate with other people.
  2. To provide an opportunity for students to practices what they learn during class in real work and observe a real-life environment.
  3. To learn about ethics in the industry.
  4. To gain experience in organizational skills and professional responsibility.
  5. To be able to efficiently complete given tasks and also build a good relationship with co-workers in organization.

There are procedures in applying for Industrial Training. In the middle of last semester, Puan Noraini Binti Manan as our coordinator of industrial training has given a briefing to us about the process before, current and after internship program and it is compulsory for the students to attend.

The students need to fill in Application Form for industrial training and other forms before start intern. They are required to looking for an internship placement. Before start internship program, a student has to create their own resume, curriculum vitae and organize their certificate in a file, so that the organization will be looking at that during interview section. There will be a big competition between students in UiTM but also from other universities to get industrial placement. The students should identify prospective organizations for Industrial Training.

Once they found the industrial placement, they have to submit a form which says there are accepted into the organization they applied and offer letter from the organization itself to university. They have to start intern as the date set by universities but have to consider the date set by the organization. They can be started early, exact date or late from the date set by universities. A person who conducts a letter form will then write a letter to the respective organization and notify the student on their training placement once it is granted.

Industrial Training is opened for Diploma Semester 4 and Semester 5 students and Degree final year students. The minimum duration of the training is 8 and maximum is 24 weeks but for UiTM students usually, the internship period is 16 weeks. There are rules for placement which are only one job placement per student.

They should not change their industrial training once they accept the job offered by the organization for such reasons as higher pay, better working hours, more convenient location, etc. Last but not least, there is no job hopping. If a student wants to leave their current placement, they have to reason to their organization and received the approval before they can leave their current placement.

There are a few rules during industrial training that student must follow which are:

  1. Must fill in Reporting for Industrial Form and returned it to the university within one (1) week of reporting for training.
  2. Must follow their organization's dress code and well groomed.
  3. Must be punctual to come to the workplace and follow working hour set by the organization.
  4. For the student who wants to take a leave of absence have to report it to their industrial supervisor and after obtaining approval from his/her then the student can proceed.

Before start internship program, the student will be given a log book where all the detail duties/tasks performed during internship period are recorded on daily basis. In an organization, students will be supervised by industry supervisor on daily basis for the whole internship period and will be given several tasks that have to submit following for each deadline and that log book should be evaluated by the industrial supervisor on weekly basis.

At the same time, an academic supervisor will be appointed to take care of students' welfare, wellbeing, and progress from time to time. At the end of the internship period, she/he will visit the student to ensure students' report is same with what student write and meeting with industry supervisor for getting information regarding with student attitude during an internship period.

The students are required to write a complete report that consists of organization's background, the task is given, and any recommendation regarding the organization. After two (2) weeks internship period end, the students must submit the written report together with Log Book to each appointed academic's supervisor and to a coordinator of industrial training. The report must be of good quality and explain all the industrial experience and knowledge gained.

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