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How Digital Technology Reduce Cost in Movie Industrial

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For many years, in the movie industry, it has used film as the medium on which to allocate and play back tapes. Film which is easy to use, and movie theaters have knowledge in owning and operating that projection Systems. But it is also posh. A one line or a single film print, for example, can cost as much as US$2,000 to form and weigh over 50 pounds approx. A movie in broad release is usually shown on more than 4,000 screens approx, which can mean a charge approx US$8 million in prints plus the cost of shipping heavy film canisters to movie theaters about the globe.

Further, a film print lasts only for roughly about 30–40 showings, as a result printing and shipping costs for flourishing movies can easily be twice or thrice as a film prints carry out and it is need to be replaced. Now, the high cost of movie circulation is regarding to change as well as the movie industry transitions in to the digital distribution and playback of show. With digital cinema, movies are disseminated via hard drive or satellite, avoiding the need to generate and ship costly, heavy film prints.

Once at the show business, movies are stored as digitally and played back using digital projectors. Movies stored on digital media but do not wear out as film prints do, as a result, they do not need to be replaced for the duration of long runs. Overall, the movie industry anticipates such incredible capital savings from the switch to digital media sharing that it is expected to convert entirely from of film in to digital media in the next few years or coming time. Digital cinema offers major benefits in to theater owners as well.

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How Digital Technology Reduce Cost in Movie Industrial

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Distinct film prints, in digital cinema it does not limit the number of screens showing a given or running movie, as a result each theater compound or complex desires only single copy of a particular movie. In addition, theater owners can use digital projection equipment to show non-movie entertainment such as sports, live music and etc. However, picture theaters must experience a technology renovation for digital cinema to work changing from tried and true film based projection systems to projection and digital luggage compartment.

Many theater owners are unenthusiastic to switch to a digital infrastructure because they are anxiously concerned about the cost and manageability of such an environment. To help those movie theaters formulate the transition in to digital technology, the Dell OEM Industry Solutions Group is working with digital cinema salespersons to develop a full-bodied, highly performance solution that is also expenditure effective and straightforward or easy to support .

Worldwide movie theaters are rapidly switching since film-based movie projection in to digital playback technology enormously. To help theaters commencing manage this changeover, the Dell OEM Industry Solutions Group has developed a money-spinning, highly performance digital cinema solution that is designed to be dependable and simply easy to support this (Flint, 2007). As video on demand (VOD) services are deployed, cable operators will experience a fundamental reallocate in their industry, moving from broadcast to uncast content delivery.

There is another momentous change is the introduction of Gigabit Ethernet into their network, which is hugely providing an unprecedented opportunity it to turn the cable operator's infrastructure into a sustainable ready for action advantage. However, Gigabit Ethernet is much more than just transport; it is the establishment of the Next-Generation Digital Video Network. This is very huge part in our life (Taub, 2009). Digital technology helps us to consume time timely in our work and that will be very countable work in our in our industrial environment, due to this the work will be also automatic because of machinery based work.

And further there is a total investment in first time when u plant your machine there is no basic salaries, allowances and etc . due to digital effect the competition increasing will be also eligible in an industry ,digital technology has the potential to reduce distribution cost a physical movie print price $1000 approx each. Though, we have seen that the digital technology is more than important technology in our future world.

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