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Indiabulls Research Project

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No professional curriculum is considered complete without work experience. It is well evident that work experience is an indispensable part of every professional course. In the same manner practical work in any organization is must for each an every individual, who is undergoing management course.

Without the practical exposure one cannot consider himself as a qualified capable manager. Entering in the organization is like stepping into altogether a new world. At first, everything seems strange and unheard but as the time passes one can understands the concept and working of the organization and thereby develop professional relationship. Initially it is felt that as if classroom study was irrelevant and it is useless in any concern working. But gradually it is realize that all fundamental basic concepts studied are linked in one or other ways to the organization.

But how and what can be done with fundamentals depends upon the intellectual and applicability of an individual. Executive summary Investing in equities in a market like India is speculative and involves risk that may be greater than other types of investment strategies. Before investing an Investor should be careful enough about him investment decision to avoid erosion of wealth. As seen in the recent times the volatility of market is more detrimental to the retail iinvestors as it seems to be lucrative for speculative gains of short duration of time.

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Indiabulls Research Project

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Hence an investor has to evaluate his options carefully for a prudent investment, keeping long-term horizon in mind. The report has tried to bring out the parameters those are of paramount importance to general public dealing in an equity trading on day-to day and delivery base trading. The working methodology has been discussed i. e. the data collection methods, sampling methods and the survey questionnaire methods. The questionnaire prepared is designed so as to cover a wide range of customer “touch points” The report given a view about the iinvestors perception that what thy think while making investments in shares.

The questionnaire has been designed for the target group to get the best amount of data possible keeping in view the importance and authenticity of the information and convenience of the respondent. The selection of investor was predetermined in nature Personal contacts were established to conduct a face-to-face interview. Interview was conducted under strict supervision to maintain the standards of the data collected. Research Design Research design is a spacification of methods and procedures for acquiring the information we need to solve the problems.

Research design was adopted for the purpose of collection and analysis of data in a manner aimed at getting relevant information. It was conceptual structure within which research was conducted, collected, measured and analyzed. Research Idea To know the market scene of trading and Investment in equities through Indiabulls securities Ltd. Research Question What is the market trend regarding investment? What difficulties and challenges iinvestors are facing while making investments? Research Statement ? “To get an insight into the mind of iinvestors regarding trading and investment in Equities” “To get an insight into the mindset of iinvestors regarding the importance assigned to different attributes such as risk, return, liquidity etc. of various investment channels such as equities. In the report this tries to understand the investor’s behavior while trading. ” ? “To study the preferences and perceptions of iinvestors regarding various financial products from the stable of Indiabulls Securities Ltd. so that the firm can benefit from the findings of the report in launching any new investment product in future.

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