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Identification of Unknown Bacteria

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Students were assigned unknown organisms and the objective of the lab tests was to identify of the unknown organisms. A microorganism can be identified as an organism that can be through the aid of the microscope. In a typical condition, microorganisms are said to contain cells that are in singular mode. A perfect example of such microorganisms is such as bacteria, fungi, some types of fungi and algae. On the other hand, microbiology can be described as the study of the microorganisms. Moreover, the discipline of microbiology involves the fundamentals of research on factors such as physiology, biochemistry, ecology, evolution, clinical aspects and the cell biology of the microorganisms not forgetting the response the host has to these agents ("Microbiology Lab: MOLB 2210,").

To the earth, microorganisms are said to have some significant importance. They cannot be seen by the naked eye hence requiring special tools such as microscopes in order to have a chance to see them. On the earth, the microorganisms play an important role when it comes to the process of decomposition. In this process, nutrients are added to the soil hence increasing its fertility. Moreover, the organism help in the production of oxygen that is important for the survival of organisms. Another importance is the gut microorganism that plays an important role when it comes to the maintenance of a healthy life. Lastly, microbes help in the establishment of a symbiotic relationship between the higher organisms such as livestock whereby they facilitate the process of digestion.

Testing for the presence of microorganisms helps biologists to be able to identify the type of microorganisms present in the structure and from that the impactful effects of the microorganism being tested. These tests are vital when it comes to large research institutions or when it comes to the process of dealing with bioterrorism and other biological agents during the actual biological warfare. In this case, the objective of the lab tests conducted may be used to come up with medicinal drugs that can help protect against the impactful effects of the microorganisms in a person's body. The results from the lab test can also be used for the effective treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases that have been caused by the microorganisms.

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From the lab report images obtained, the organisms identified have almost common media and growth characteristics. To begin with, the growth of the organisms can be evaluated and measured via the help of the spectrometer. The organisms take over the active growth of another organisms making them viable to an attack vector that can be applied. Additionally, they take over the sterile broth and incubate under a set of favorable optimal conditions for a healthy growth to occur. Once the organisms take over the growth medium, they begin to multiply hence increasing in size and mass.

Some tests and media are used during the lab. One of the media used during the lab test was the agar and the agar plate. In this case, agar is used as the solid growth medium that was used in the process of culturing microorganisms by supplying them with the essential nutrients that are required for the whole growth process. The first test conducted was the Kliger's Iron Agar (KIA) test. It was used to test the microorganism's ability to ferment lactose and glucose to acid. Moreover, it allows for there to one to conduct a proper identification of the sulfur reducers as found in the microorganism being investigated. At the end of the test, the expected results are as follows: The tube when slanted, a red precipitate will be observed to hence showing that the amino acids were present/ have been used up during the test by the microorganism. Moreover, the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide will be detected as a black precipitate floating at the top.

The other test conducted was the Nitrate Broth test. The basic significance of the test is to determine if an organism is capable of reducing a nitrate to a nitrite or into other nitrogenous compounds. The test is also essential since it helps in the proper identification of the Gram-negative and positive species. After conducting the test, if the nitrate broth turns red, this will indicate the presence of Gram-positive microorganisms present. However, if the tube turns red after the addition of Zn, the results will be negative. Lastly, if there is no observable color change after the addition of the nitrate, the test results will be uncertain for this test, but if the tube remains colorless after the addition of Zn, the results will be positive hence proving the ability of the organism reducing the Nitrogenous compound present in the organism.

In the identification of the Unknown, a number of gram strain test techniques are used in the whole process of identifying the microorganisms present in the species being tested. In this case, aside from the phage testing techniques being used other antigenicity tests were used based on the immune response of the microorganism being tested. Additionally, the polymerase reaction is used to help differentiate and identify the type of bacteria/ microorganism present. Lastly, the platting technique is used in the identification and seoare of the bacteria.

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