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I am the Leader of the XXI century

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How to become a true leader? This question has worried mankind since time immemorial, because, whatever you say, history is the result of the actions of outstanding people, and everyone wants to leave a bright trace in history. Therefore, discussions about the essence of leadership go back to hoary antiquity, but do not lose their relevance today.

Confucius also believed that the ruler should read “5 wonderful qualities”: in kindness, not be wasteful; forcing labor, do not cause anger; not to be greedy in desires; to be magnificent, but not proud; respect in the absence of cruelty. I think that much of the above should be remembered by the modern leader. But it seems to me, first of all, you need to have a specific goal, a high idea, because the closest synonyms for the word “leader” are the words “leader”, “leader”, “leader”. No wonder Maximilian Robespierre, one of the leaders of the French Revolution, wrote: “The leader has two important features: firstly, he himself goes somewhere, and secondly, he can lead people.”

And another important point: yes, they have followed you, but will they all come? Therefore, I think the real leader is forced to balance on a fine line: to be strict, but not rude; be friendly, but not weak, modest, but not timid, show firmness and confidence, but not arrogance, have a sense of humor, but be tactful. And, most importantly, he must remember that leadership is a responsibility. Responsibility to people who have trusted you, and to the work that you do together. That is, there is a direct emotional and moral connection between the leader and those who follow him. Charisma plays an important role in these relations - the ability to impress others with charm. If the leader is charismatic, then not a few people will follow him, the masses will follow him. But the moral responsibility of such a person is much higher.

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These are the qualities that should be possessed by a person who has chosen the role of a leader for himself, and, I think, these qualities are universal for any era. However, it is impossible not to take into account temporary factors, because each period of human history leaves its mark on everything, including the leader’s perception.

So what should be a successful leader in the 21st century? Something remains unchanged: good organizational skills, a developed sense of responsibility, self-confidence, personal charm - this is always valuable. But this is not enough in the world of high information technologies, and today, in my opinion, we need the qualities that time itself dictates: the ability to make decisions quickly, insight, the ability to find new ideas. In addition, the modern leader must be able to absorb information from all possible sources and see new opportunities before the rest. It is not in vain that the proverb characterizing our age is the words: “He who owns information, he owns the world.”

Such, in my opinion, is the general characteristic of a true leader of the 21st century. And I try to follow this ideal, because in order to become successful in the future, you need to educate and develop these qualities in yourself right now. Of course, some may object to me that, they say, leadership qualities are akin to musical ear: a person either has them or does not have them. I think that is to some extent true. But still, if you do not develop these qualities in yourself, then you can hardly count on high results, because not all people with a fine ear become great musicians. The road to work, patience and perseverance leads to the heights of success.

That is why I have been a member of the class asset since the first grade; for several years I was elected the commander of my class team. Having become a ninth grader, I took part in the election campaign of the School’s Parliament, the student’s self-government body, and took the post of Minister of Culture. Together with other members of the School’s Parliament, we developed a plan that we implemented throughout the year. I was engaged in the organization of celebrations, concerts, discos. Frankly, this work took me quite a lot of time and effort, but I saw the result of my labors, and he pleased me. I received recognition from the students of our school: at first they simply recognized me, then respected me.

At the beginning of this school year, I again tried my hand at the election of the President of the school Parliament, and I managed to get the most votes. I must say that the struggle was not easy, but I understand that the main difficulties lie ahead. I have to prove that the guys did not trust me in vain, that I really deserve to be called the leader of my school. And I believe that someday I can proudly say about myself: “I am the leader of the 21st century!”

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