Human Trafficking in Cambodia Persuasive Essay

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Name: Chou David Class: Public Speaking Teacher: Kate Westbrook Assignment: Final Exam Human Trafficking Human trafficking is an illegal action that people kidnapped people to be their slavery of doing anything for money or their own good. It`s the possession or trading of humans for the purpose of engaging them in slavery and prostitution through the means of force. It’s the action that everyone is bewared of and scared of. It`s not just effect the victims but also their family, society, county and the world. Every single year the amounts of victims are increasing more and more.

It`s a millions of dollars criminal which is the reason why there`re human trafficking. Human are victims every year and people who have heart do know that it`s one of the saddest things on Earth. So, have you had any relative who is the victim? Do you think that this action will ever stop? There`re many types of human trafficking. This means that they are all different. First, Women trafficking is a kind of trafficking that people sale women as the costumer`s sex partner for money. They`re are not going to work at the same country that they used to lived because they`re going abroad to work in the sex industry.

They`re not just the harm in sexual violence and rape but they were threat like the slavery. Normally, those slavery will work as waitress, refugee or prostitute for 20h/day. What cause this to be happening? Yes, because of the need of the traffickers who doesn’t really have money to manage their living situation. Also the parents whose sell their own daughter for the money to survive. But some of them might think that if their daughter still live with them, the baby or daughter will not survive and make them of selling the daughter out of the family`s bad economic issue.

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The lack of sex knowledge, awareness, and the percentage of illiteracy made this issue happens. This issue leads to the risk of LIFE. It leads the HIV wide-spread more and more. And also will be a big threat for the increasing amount of suicides. Second, Men trafficking for labor forces. This kind of trafficking is a serious problem that the international effort is underway to acknowledge and combat this situation. The majority of those victims are adult from 18-44 which has the full strength for labor forces. They were used in the purposes of criminal activities and begging.

They were used to work for commonly 12 hours and more. They were threat like slavery and they were feed only one time per day. This makes the kill rate of men increase faster and faster. Since it`s a low-risk business for trafficker because they are not dealing with merchandise. It`s lower risk than drugs or weapons. Those men told themselves to fight but they can’t because they must be killing if they riot. The victim or slavery was threat like animal that they called it nightmare. The rate was increase 6% every year. The third and last type is children trafficking.

How crazy they were that treat children like this? They use them to be the foreign attracter by selling normal things with unusual prize or by being beggars, children in arm force, or can be in the drug trades. Do those kids deserve better? Yes, they do. They deserve to be one of us that can stand here and study for knowledge. If there`re children trafficking, this results the end of a future. This one is an unsolvable issue that no one could think of since it starts. It results as permanent injury or death. So, what do you think about the tears of family?

But some of the family sale their own kid to the trafficker to earn money to survive too. The kids will be cut off their legs or arms to look more pity that they can beg more money. If they don’t do the same thing that the trafficker said, they`ll be dead. It effects the whole life, community and the nation. What cause all of these to be happen? The biggest factor is the economic factor that I mention that it is a lower-risk high profit business. The Lack of access to education and information. A lack of public awareness of the dangers of trafficking.

The high profit potential for those engaged in the criminal activity. Gender discrimination. A lack of effective anti-trafficking legislation. These are the main causes or reasons that there`re human trafficking still exist nowadays. But how does it effect to our life? Human rights issue, Health Concerns, Equality did exist but the problem is unsolvable. So, the effects are growing more and more. The illness will widespread like HIV does. Not only HIV but others will be growing like never before. The effect to the family is a shame problem.

Some family will just accept the welcome back of victims who can escape but some still think that daughter or girl who is particularly sexual exploitation will bring shame to family. So, some children who are able to escape may return home only to find that they`re rejected from the family. On another hand, the community will also taken effects of human trafficking. Children trafficking are shown to be the major effect on communities. If children are trafficked, it`ll be result that the community is corrupted or failed to protect the members.

As a result, children who can escape will be lack of education that they`re less able to secure a job. Also the girls who can escape will be a difficult thing for a marriage because they bring the shame of being prostitute before. The next one is the effect to the whole nation. It results in the lost of potentially future workers. Why? Yeah, because of the injuries, illness and lack of education. And they were doing criminal activity which associate with the drugs and violent that harm the whole nation. So, it`s now known as a significant indicator of national and global security threats.

Anyway, there`re ways to stop it if and only if , we join forces together in one to make sure that this will never ever happen again. One question is how? The answer is the plan that governments around the world use. First, the prevention. Bringing up more of the law and educated lessons about human trafficking. Teach people not to be meant or being idiot to trafficked either children or adults. To prevent this we also need to enforcement the law by giving more punishment to trafficker and make them scared of law. Fortunately, the law enforcement of anti-trafficker is working on by the UNICEF.

The project of victim assistant which begins first with the victim`s identification. It`s a project that will make sure that the children that escape the cage of nightmare will return home or other appropriate settings which means that they`re taking good care of and will never be re-trafficked again. Child or woman who is illegally trafficked and illegally work as a prostitute will be treating like a victim not the criminal. Finally, the things that I mentioned were about the cause, effects, types of human trafficking and the way to end it.

U~N, UNICEF, US Department and more organizations are working on this issue and will find a perfect prevention to this issue. So, I would like all of you to widespread the information to places. If you find out something unusual, you can contact to government, organizations, or the police. If you could think of a solution then you can help with that idea. Especially your idea could work for communities and nations. BEING VICTIM OF TRAFFICKING IS SLAVERY and SLAVERY WILL END SOONER OR LATER!!!

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