Human Trafficking in Nepal

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There are many purposes for human trafficking; forced labor, slavery, removal of organs and sex slavery. Sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, which Is the focus of this paper Is the mall type of trafficking in the country of Nepal. Many of these women who become involved in the sex world are compelled by economic circumstances and social inequality. While some enter sex work voluntarily, others become involved in sex work by force or deception, such as through sex trafficking. Human trafficking violates these very rights that are supposed to be granted.

Nepal Is considered a country of origin, meaning It Is the country where women and children are mainly abducted and taken to other countries where they are sold as sex slaves. Nepal is a country with one of the lowest human development indicators, which increases the vulnerability of the young girls to trafficking and sexual abuse. Women and children, the primary victims of sex slavery, continue to be forced into a variety of sexual activities including prostitution, pornography, striping, mall-order brides, and sex tourism, all of which can occur In public or private locations.

The majority of the Naples women and children that are sold as sex slaves are sold by a family member or close friend. They are mostly smuggled into Indian's and Shanghais red light district, and to brothels in other urban cities. In the Middle East, they are exploited to work at parlor and dance bars. In many cases, older women are known to recruit young girls, promising them a better future where they can break free from the poverty In which they live In (Bales 142). Tuskers is what young Naples girls from the age of 14-16 are called when they are sold to the brothels. Ill many girls are forced or deceived Into prostitution, many willingly go into the sex industry due to their addiction to drugs, while others are in search of a better future, not only for themselves but also for their families that live with impecuniousness conditions. Also, those that do not volunteer to become trafficked are physically forced into labor, most likely sold by parents for the purpose of working off family debts to the government or organized crime groups, which exalts no exercise of choice.

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A huge portion of the population lives below the poverty line; 2% of the country lives with less than US$2 per day. Economic circumstance and social inequality are the strongest factors that compel women to become involved in the industry. Another factor that contributes to this industry is the balance supply of victims from sending countries and the demand from receiving countries; these countries are the one creating such unethical demands.

The United Nations defines human trafficking as: means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of giving or achieving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purposes of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation or the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. United Nations 2). Forcing or using someone to profit from sexual exploitation for one's own personal benefits is not condoned by the United Nations; this sort of behavior is considered morally wrong ND offensive to many people in the affected countries . Traffickers generally use the same process when kidnapping or abducting their victims. Many of the people that are kidnapped are drugged and have a very violent removal, that way trafficker has total control of them. After the abduction, the victim is taken out of their native country and taken into a brothel in a faraway country.

The reason for this is for the person to not know their surroundings, the language or laws of the country. In the process of being taken to another country the victim's identity document are confiscated. When young girls are being transported from one country to another, they are given a complete new identity by which they must go by. Most victims are threatened in order to comply with the instruction the traffickers have given them. If under any circumstance they contravene the conditions they are physically abused.

In the process of obtaining control of the trafficked person, they are drugged and their minds become distorted which does not allow them to think in a proper manner. Many are brainwashed into believing that there is no other better future and that they are of no worth. Human trafficking has a tremendous psychological impact on its victims as a result of the manipulation, abuse, and cultural shock experienced when forced to work a less than desirable Job in a foreign country. Once the trafficker is under control, the victim's enslavement and exploitation begins.

Regardless of the violence, working and living conditions, people that are in servitude find their own mechanisms to survive. In addition to being forced to have sexual intercourse with unknown men, they are also forced to drink alcoholic beverages and do drugs when asked to. These women and young girls are not allowed to ask their customers to use protection. As a result of this, a Nepal has had at least eight to ten abortions by the age of 30. Many have said that the owners of the brothels have forced back to work two hours after having the abortion.

In some cases if the girl was too young and had sexual intercourse after an abortion, she would pass away do to the intense pain and lack of nutrients. Because they are not able to use protection there are a at least 18 HOW AIDS cases reported in a hour, which means that more than 61% of the Naples women are infected with this disease in the process of having sexual intercourse with a customer (Humans Right Watch). If they refuse to do what is asked from them the customer has the right to torture them as they please.

Many men are now requesting to have sexual intercourse with young girls because there is less of chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease. In addition to this, Nepal and Indian men also believe that if they have sex with a virgin;any SST that they may have, may be removed and she told her story about when she was taken to a brothel. Gina was being forced to have sex with customer, and if she refused she was beat and raped by a group of men. "When I refused they beat me and raped me. I was only seven years old" (The Day My God Died). Many young girls are physically abused, some get burned with cigars, others burned with acid, and most of them are deprived of food and water for days until they stop refusing the requests of the customers. "They used to catch me by the hair, bang my head against the wall and throw me on the ground. They would try anything to make me have sex... They beat me with a stick and sometimes hit me with aluminum rods" (The Day My God Died). During the enslavement period, the victim is physically, emotionally, and mentally abused, and if they happened to be let free, most of them attempt suicide.

After their enslavement period many feel that there is no point in living with such memoirs. Many do not seek for help or go back to their hometowns because they are ashamed of what they have been through. Not only are they illegal, but isolated as well and with no other way of making a living, nearly all return to sex work, a human trafficking survivor said: "The people of my village hold me in contempt. They treat me badly. People don't understand that I was tricked and that I suffered a lot" (International Justice Mission). There are only very few ways to escape sex trafficking: being accused, released or escaping.

Though there is a very low success rate for victims that try to escape, 11% of females successfully escape sex trafficking. It is very strenuous for a person to escape; they must be physically and mentally prepared to do it, because not only are there guards that keep watch of the brothels 2417, but if they were to get caught in the process of escaping, they must be prepared to receive any punishment that will be given to them. A young girl named Kyoto Pray said she tried escaping at least three times and when she got caught, she got her hair pulled; he was beaten and even broke an arm.

About 7% of females get released by their owners, for one of two reasons either they are no longer attractive or are too old to bring sufficient clients or they have been infected with HIVE . Most end their period of servitude at 18 to 22 years old when they have "repaid their debt. " During that time, the brothel owner has made a profit four to 20 times the price paid for the trafficked girl. This leaves 80% of girls in those brothels with lost dreams and hope of ever leaving that horrible place, and starting a new life. L would not wish that life on an enemy. It was pure hell. It would be better to hang yourself and die"(The Day My God Died). One of the main reasons why many people contribute to human trafficking is due to lack of money. As mentioned before most of the inhabitants in Nepal live with less than $2 per day. Most of the people that are involved in this business are in it in hopes off better future for their families. Due to lack of education and healthcare the slavery business seems the easiest solution to many.

About 80% of Napalm's population live in rural areas and depend on subsistence farming for their livelihoods. Nepal has a limited progress in favor of their anti-trafficking laws. In 2007, trafficking in Persons and Transportation (Control) Act (TAP), Nepal law prohibits all forms of trafficking and prescribes penalties ranging from 10 to 20 years' imprisonment, which are sufficiently rigorous and commensurate with those Organization (MONGO) made plans to fund trafficking shelters in Katmandu, Assassination, and Chapman. These cities are major ports for sex trafficking.

The young girls who are rescued from the brothels are taken to foster institution where they are treated for any psychological problems that they encounter. Many of the people that are rescued from their owners file a report against them, but many of the people that are involved in Napalm's government are also associated with owners of the brothels. For example, the officials and government often support and encourage trafficking by accepting bribes by brothel owners for turning a blind eye to illegal activity, or by visiting brothels for sexual services.

Corrupt government and law enforcement officials are one factor that contribute to the growth of human trafficking, therefore most of the sex trafficking victims do not confide in their overspent system, which also makes it harder for sex trafficking to end in Nepal. Brothel owner make a huge profit annually it is currently estimate to $10 billion of revenue per year. "The trafficking industry is one with large profits, due to the low costs of forced human labor.

Because the victims of trafficking are "expendable, reusable, and re-sellable" cheap commodities, particularly because they are withheld adequate food, wages, shelter, and health care, amounting to large profits for traffickers" (Neck 374). Trafficking is the worst human rights violation that one can go through it is abduction, physical and mental abuse. The pain of being ripped away from ones family and loved one, can be such a deep psychological scar, in which even though a person has been without a family for years they will never forget about the family they once had.

This type of pain is something that one cannot comprehend if one has not experienced it. The inequality between women and men in Nepal is reinforced by cultural ideas that the dominance and strength off male, and compliance of the female. The discrimination that the women in Nepal are suffering is not only happening in this country is it also affecting many other countries around the world. The expectation of women around the world are very similar; women are to be passive, obedient , oppressed and forced into relationships with people that are forced to be with.

It is very important for the men to be dominant in the relationship, as it maintains their social and economical dominance; in order to maintain control of their women they feel forced to use violence. Napalm's government is working on developing a plan do promote women's human rights. Implementing these rights will take time and cooperation of the whole country in order to for the plan to work. Anural Gorilla, is the founder of Mattie Nepal.

The foundation has rescued 12,000 Nepal girls and young women from sex trafficking, many who were sold across the border to brothels in India, they are also working on reconciling abducted girls with their families. Therefore, women and children are taught sewing, basket weaving, and cooking to help them build the skills necessary to find a Job, and are also given individual counseling by psychologists in order to deal with emotional problems they are experiencing from past trafficking-related trauma.

Many non government organizations like these are staring to take matters into their won hands since the overspent had not yet been successful in stopping this sex trade. "The well-being and the hopes of the peoples of the world can never be served until peace - as well "Due to the force, exploitation, and manipulation involved, this trend fundamentally violates the rights to life, liberty, and security of a person, the prohibition of slavery and slave trade in all forms, as well as that no one shall be treated in an inhumane or degrading manner" (United Nations, "Universal Declaration of Human Rights").

Can one person make a difference in the lives of the two million people that are trafficked annually? Maybe not but if more people Joined organizations that will help the cause there would be a higher success rate of victims that are rescued from human trafficking. More people are becoming aware of human trafficking and are taking a stand to help end this; there are organization like The Project To End Human Trafficking is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 as part of the anti-slavery movement. The initial goal of the founders was not to begin an organization, but simply to offer educational lectures about human trafficking.

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Human trafficking is a problem in Nepal because of the country's extreme poverty and lack of economic opportunities. Additionally, the lack of strong laws and enforcement of existing laws makes it easier for traffickers to exploit vulnerable people. This has led to a rise in the number of people being trafficked for labor and sex work.
What are the top 5 countries for human trafficking?
The top 5 countries for human trafficking are India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan. These countries are known for having high rates of human trafficking, particularly for labor exploitation and sexual exploitation.
How many girls are trafficked from Nepal each year?
It is estimated that thousands of girls are trafficked from Nepal each year. The exact number is difficult to determine due to the clandestine nature of human trafficking. However, the International Labour Organization estimates that around 7,000 Nepali girls are trafficked annually.
What is human trafficking called in nepali?
In Nepal, human trafficking is known as "lobhana pratha". It is a term used to describe the illegal trade of people for the purpose of exploitation, such as forced labor, sexual exploitation, and other forms of abuse.

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