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The truth is, however, that not every human trafficking case is pulled from a Lima Nesses movie; any sexual enterprise involving foreign immigrants and underage girls regardless of whether or not it is voluntary is considered human trafficking (Baker, 2). In order to rid the world of this vulgar, damaging corporation that directly conflicts with the moral principles of freedom and self-worth, we must concentrate on spreading awareness, eradicating domestic violence and perfecting the law enforcement system.

Summary If you were to meet Syrupy Chain, ;a chubby cheeked 18 year-old with an infectious laugh (Pasta,l)", you would never guess that she was forced to have sex with hundreds of men before the age of 10. At Just seven years old, Chain was sold Into a Cambodia brothel, where she and dozens of other pre-pubescent girls were forced o have sex with at least 20 men a day (Nair) Syrupy was a victim of sexual slavery, like an estimated 12 million others worldwide.

The business of buying and selling humans is a 32 billion dollar global enterprise, and despite being illegal in virtually every country, twenty-seven million people are enslaved worldwide (Pasta, 3). Slavery, especially sexual slavery, deters natural relationships, encourages the objectification of women, prevents evolution from poverty and Isn't necessary for a country's financial or cultural survival. Sexual slavery has Its roots in family violence, power intro and monetary desperation.

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Though many countries such as Thailand, the unofficial child-sex capital, are attempting to crack down on the sex trade, ineffective law enforcement, financial incentives (the sex tourism industry makes millions a year in Cambodia alone) and lack of motivation prevents the industry from dying out all together (McClellan, 2). From China and Cambodia to Mexico, Sweden and our very own United States, the Sex Trafficking Industry Is rapidly escalating, becoming a major underground enterprise that crosses cultural boundaries and reiterates age- old gender struggles.

Though human trafficking in the United States is a wildly ignored and taboo subject, 14,500-17,500 people are trafficked into the US annually and thousands of girls and boys are kidnapped or coerced Into different forms of slavery each year (Baker, 2). The CIA estimates that 30,000-50,000 of these trafficking victims are sex slaves (Landsman, 2) and the MGM, the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group, states that 100,000 children US children are victims of commercialese sex exploitation each year (Baker, 2).

Many of these prostituted children are victims of domestic abuse, growing up in broken homes and depending on pimps as father surges. Pimps ensnare such young girls by gaining their trust, supplying the love that was devoid at home and utilizing the girl's new-found dependence to manipulate r Nine typical age AT a sex tracking volt Is plummeting; In ten past most girls were in their late teens or early ass's, but now the average girl is from 12 to 14 years- old (Landsman, 6).

The life of a US prostitute is wildly dangerous and harmful to the development of under-aged girls; the victims are put through strenuous mental and physical abuse by their financially motivated pimps, the recent demand for violent ND aggressive sex causing the occupation to become more damaging than ever (Landsman, 6). Often times, if these girls escape and return to their families, they aren't accepted back into their communities and the girls return to the only home they know - their pimp.

Even when offered help by organizations such as GEMS (Girls Education and Mentoring Service), many victims slip back into "the life" due to their lack of confidence and dependence on their pimp. Because they were forced into the business at such a young age, it's their only way of supporting themselves (Very Young Girls). Each one of these factors prevents American sex slaves from rising to a good life that benefits society and proves that damaging effects of the US sex industry.

While American trafficking is not as well publicized as its foreign counterparts, the entire enterprise reveals deep rooted issues such as domestic violence and poverty that prohibit demolishing the sex industry. Sex slavery is rampant in Asian countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, resulting in the sexual exploit of underage girls and debt-oriented imprisonment. Prostitution makes up 59-60% of Thailand government budget each year (McClellan, 1), whilst there Asian countries have numbers in similar ranges.

Though trafficking laws are in place throughout the cotangent, the poverty and financial desperation of local authorities inhibits the prevention of such issues (McClellan, 4). Unlike America, Asian pimps and brothel owners rarely lure girls into their enterprises using charm or love, but rather prey on needy parents by offering Jobs in the city, a better life or sometimes Just a good deal (Luggage, 2). There are prostitutes in Cambodia and 35% are minors (Landsman, 4).

Boys and girls as young as infants are sold into sex slavery, where they are kept in miniscule, dungeon like rooms with remises of freedom at the completion of their contract. Children are often times forced to have sex dozens of times a day with strangers, burnt, cut and abused at the slightest mention of protest (Landsman, 4). Asian countries place an extremely high value on virginity, believing that intercourse with a virgin perpetuates youth and heals medical ailments (Luggage, 3).

Unfortunately, this results in Sais's title as the child sex capital of the world.. The life expectancy of a prostitute in Cambodia is around twenty-eight, while 20% of the girls are HIVE positive, a statistic that cannot be reified since the majority of sex workers never get a blood test (McClellan, 4). The prostitutes, both child and adult, are nothing but commodities; they are so ubiquitous that they have become disposable and often killed when they cease to be useful (McClellan, 2).

Due to this, Asia has huge gender imbalances, lack of financial opportunities for half of its people and little chance of rising from third-world status. From pedophilia to squalid conditions and absolute slavery, the Asian sex slavery system is one of the most dangerous and harmful worldwide. Though the Cambodia and Thai sex industry are well publicized in terms of brothels ND local men, sex tourism, "tourism organized with the primary purpose of facilitating the effecting of a commercial-sexual relationship with a child," is a largely unreleased student (Song, 1).

Every year, tonnages AT adults travel ten globe to sexually exploit children as young as 5 years old, while many more stumble upon such opportunities while traveling for business or pleasure (Nair). According to the International Labor Organization, countries such as Thailand, India and the Philippians report that 2 - 14% of their gross domestic product comes from sex tourism and other related fields (Nair). This horrible industry that includes 2 million children is ubiquitous in beautiful, well-traveled countries with widespread poverty (Song, 2).

Young girls with desperate parents and lack of educational opportunities are often tricked or sold into the sex tourism industry with no idea what awaits the (Nair). Another major issue in ending sex tourism is the Internet; sellers and pimps can put online profiles of their victims, while foreign sex tourists can exchange locations, stories and tips (Nair). A mere Google search turns up horrific information on what awaits the average sex tourist in Thailand; meticulous details describing the co's and don't of the Patty Sex Scene.

The website describes the dangers of trusting the women, wearing watches, giving them tips or treating them as anything less than whore's, while encouraging the adventurous sex tourist to experiment with gabbros and nude shows (so the buyer "knows what he's going to get") and take extra cash to compensate for the unavoidable "sex-crazes" (wry. Mayhap. Com). Deeper exploration into the website reveals details on Soapy Massage Parlors, a Thai Sex Tourism Attraction that involves huge quantities of highly trained, pre-pubescent girls using their bodies to engage in a fantasy world of bubbles and sex Wyandotte. Mom). Though most sex industries remain within a single country o continental region, the sex tourism industry causes conflict between countries and changes the relationships that they would otherwise have had. The entire industry degrades females and children, abuses multicultural boundaries and continues the cycle of gender imbalances. Unlike American and Asian countries, Eastern Europe depends on promises a better future to lure potential victims into the sex trade. It is estimated by European Union Nations that there are over 500,000 women in prostitution in Europe (Kristin).

Traffickers use fictional Jobs as models or nannies in the US to lure girls into the system, often times paying their own air fare and giving up their passports. In most cases the women are then held captive in transition countries such as Mexico, waiting to be moved into the United States and sold into sex slavery (Landsman, 2). Prostitution was very rare in the Soviet Union up until about 22 years ago, when the communist government fell and the country was cast into poverty (Landsman, 5). A a result, many young women turned to the prospects available in the US (Landless 2).

Though many women were aware that prostitution could be involved in the opportunities offered, the glorified ideas of solicitation presented in movies like Pre Women (a top 10 movie in the area) shielded the truth of a horrid industry (Kristin). Once the girls were bought by a pimp they would have to be "broken in". This is terrifying process used to mentally break down the girls' dignity and force them to resign too life of sex slavery. In many cases the children are locked in a basement squalid conditions, they are kept cold and starving, and they are beaten and raped their captors.

Spherical items are forced down the little girls' throats to retract their gag reflex, and honey is put on John's penises as a training mechanism for girls undo ten age AT / (Linesman, 4) once ten gulls are phonically Ana mentally Drunken down they are ready to be transported to other locations for work (Landsman, 4). European trafficking is especially dangerous due to the unpredictability of victims, the danger it poses to inter-cultural relationships and the images it reiterates of women as second-class citizens.

While Eastern European traffickers often kidnap and mislead their victims, Mexican imps, often known as "Los Lemons", rely on charm and young women's desperation to find El Norte to lure them into the United States. Though in most other countries pimps work alone or in pairs, Mexican pimps work in larger family groups, selling and exchanging with other well-known brothels and organizations (Landsman, 3). Los Lemons begin their training at the age of 12, when they are pulled out of school and given a girl of similar age to rape and pimp out.

In such a family hierarchy system, the father or grandfather is in charge of the organizational aspects, while older sons and cousins hunt, kidnap and entrap victims (Landsman, 3). Los Lemons wait at bus stops and school dances, befriending young girls and pursuing them as suitors, much like American pimps enamored potential victims (Chin). After the initial introduction period, the results are thoroughly predictable - the girls are drugged, raped and taken to brothels in major cities like Tangoing, Mexico City or the United States (Landsmen, 3).

However, these issues are constantly reiterating, as Mexican officials "see sex trafficking as a U. S. Problem" (Landsman, 4). Over the years, Mexican pimps have taken tips from European traffickers by setting up a sexual introduction system. Young prostitutes (some of them as young as 4) are kept in underground stalls divided by frayed curtains, mentally abused by women and raped by cheap Johns in 15 minutes intervals for 20 hour a day (Landsman, 4). While the American system relies on simply having girls, Mexicans, like Europeans, depend on emotionally degrading and physically breaking them.

Once the girls have completed their training, the most talented' are sold to American pimps or local tourist hot spots (Landsman, 4). Though many countries with prominent sex industries cater to Americans, Mexican slavery is an issue that must be taken seriously without placing he blame on American influence. Though the sex trafficking industry is an old and dangerous system, it can be compensated for through media coverage, careful police work and international policies.

From Cambodia and Europe to Mexico and the United States, human trafficking ruins lives, destroys relationships, seals social stereotypes and inhibits development from poverty. The tradition of women's bodies being traded and sold is a common one, but careful work can prevent it from continuing. Eventually, children will be able to attend school instead of brothels; women in 3rd world countries will e able to have Jobs and countries will be able to develop past a world where violence, trafficking and crime are the main forms of finances. Argue Prostitution and sexual slavery are common motifs in modern culture; from Grand Theft Auto and Blockbuster action films to dingy street corners and clothing styles, the sex trade is ever present in our world. Though most people accept that prostitution is wrong, it is hard to define why. The fact is that all people have the right to be free from slavery. The concept that one human can be owned by another disagrees with the principles that our country was founded on. Secondly, the sex industry is degrading to women and prevents the enslaved from developing as individuals.

Though it may seem like a line straight from Opera's daily talk show, the truth is that all people have the right to confidence and a positive self-image. In reality, sex slavery prevents the development of individuals and societies due to its conflict with the basic moral principles of freedom and self worth. Among the undeniable human rights imposed on all people is the right to freedom. All over the world, millions of men and women are being denied their essential right to freedom and being forced to work against their will.

In the Declaration of Independence, the fundamental document that our country was founded on, the writers state that "... We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness Professor). " A huge flaw in the moral makeup of the sex industry is that, among the unalienable rights every person is granted are "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Such goals cannot be procured through the life of a slave, for whom the idea of pursuing their win dreams is almost as outlandish as the notion of freedom. Freedom and the triumph it brings are hugely important to the success of a nation. When people are given the creative license to think and thrive without being subordinate to another individual, society can develop new ideas and have a more successful population. While Socrates once said, an "unexamined life is not worth living" (Rosenberg, 21).

Individuals who do not even have the means to examine their own lives have little chance to flourish. Therefore, the sex trade directly contrasts with the fundamental unman right of freedom and should be eliminated. Self esteem, defined as a realistic respect for yourself (dictionary. Com), is an essential right that all humans should have. Part of having a devoted sense of self worth is having the confidence to demand your rights, make your own choices about your body and stand strong in the face of adversity.

The sexual, physical and mental manipulations of others, practices that are routine in the sex industry, are major catalysts in self esteem issues of under-age girls such as not valuing their bodies as their own and viewing them self as subordinate. In fact, the entire industry depends alertly on ten velum's Initially to anemia wages Ana Treetop, consulting themselves to unfair conditions and inhumane practices. Pimps repeatedly beat and rape girls until their self confidence is entirely shattered and they are ready to work, ensuring that their internal respect does not intervene with subordination.

Confidence is key to achieving goals, continuing education and pursuing happiness, and as Robert Collier said, mirror chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself (Coppersmith). " People who achieve aret, hat trust their instincts and push boundaries get much further in the world than those that are ambivalent about their life and don't believe in themselves. Unfortunately, the sex industry and it's extremely merciless customs prevent girls from overcoming boundaries and burdens, their agony, and thriving as individuals.

Just as lack of liberty prevents the development of a society, it is crucial to the success of society that girls are free, confident and able to thrive In reality, sex slavery prevents the development of individuals and societies due to its conflict with the basic moral principles of freedom and the right to self worth. Every day, millions of people are denied their freedom and fundamental rights, but unable to take charge and fight due to their depleted sense of self worth. This vicious cycle perpetuates sex slavery and prevents individuals from developing and reaching their aret, or full potential.

The huge toll sex slavery is taking on the economies of various countries worldwide demonstrates the magnitude of such a crisis, and issues a silent plea of help to the general public. Eliminating the sex trade is an ambitious mission that may seem impossible but is so crucial to societal success that it cannot be swept under the rug. Though there are many sides of the human trafficking crisis, it is important to concentrate on three major categories; domestic violence, media and law enforcement. Domestic violence prohibits the development of self confidence and provides an initial incentive to Join the sex industry.

Secondly, an unknown problem cannot be solved and it is thus vitally important to publicize the truths that ignored by the general public. Finally, employing a politically correct and moral legal system that prosecutes Johns and provides support for victims of sex slavery helps eradicate the remaining trafficking inns. By paying attention to family life, spreading information on the sex industry and utilizing proper legal systems the sex industry will be well on its way to abolition. Domestic violence, ever-present in poverty stricken regions of the US, is a huge contributor to the sex trafficking crisis.

Just as self-worth aids success, women with low esteem due to family friction are much more likely to fall prey to pimps or manipulative men. Domestic abuse, which can be categorized as physical, sexual, mental or neglectful ill-treatment, drastically alters an individual's abilities to thrive. Common side effects of childhood abuse are often "fear, anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, inappropriate sexual behavior, poor self esteem, tendency toward substance abuse and difficulty with close relationships" (Farley) and thus inhibit the victim's ability to thrive.

Individuals who cannot form normal relationships, who abuse substances, are sexually inappropriate and depressed tend to fall easy to pimps who provide relationship substitutes for such unstable individuals. After all, 95% of teenaged prostitutes were abused as children (Farley) and 60 million survivors live worldwide (Farley). I nuns, It Is crucial to laminate mostly violence Ana supply potential victims with the skills to cope with adversity and the self-confidence to stand up for themselves.

An active social service system is essential to eliminating domestic violence; having a system to check in on children and families and place them in safe foster homes are necessary to end domestic violence. After all, 80% of girls in the foster system are sexually abused (CAW, Sex Trafficking) and attention to such placements helps prevent potential victims from entering the cycle and developing substance abuse issues, fear, anxiety and relationship problems.

Another important step is training teachers to recognize the signs of abuse such as excessive sadness, sudden social anxiety, strange bruises and odd parental encounters (Helped). If teachers educate about family life in school and update social services on troubled children, potential victims can be removed from toxic environments before the develop the characteristics that aid the sex industry and prevent them for attaining a normal life. Finally, mandatory support groups for victims of domestic ill- treatment help girls mend their wounds and learn to develop the confidence the need to thrive.

Overall, the keys to ending domestic violence lie in developing a comprehensive social service system and paying attention to victims who may need help. A huge obstruction to the demolition of the sex industry is the lack of media coverage the crisis receives. When a hundred people were asked details about human trafficking, 70% knew it existed but very few knew anything else, let alone that it's present in the US (CAW, Violence at Home). The truth is, sex slavery cannot be stopped until the American people are tuned into the reality of such a gruesome enterprise.

Honestly, media and public speakers have a huge impact on the average American - A Million Little Pieces, the drug-addiction memoir of James Frey, had hardly BE SPECIFIC sold 10 copies when Opera featured it in her monthly book club and before the end of the year the sales averaged $3. 8 million (Wyatt). Regardless of the legitimacy of the novel, it brought massive amounts of publicity to the drug crisis and was a pioneer in addiction honesty. In reality, media proves time and again to be a priceless tool that cannot be underestimated in the quest to end trafficking.

Though television often portrays prostitutes as manipulative temptresses who sell homeless for their own financial gain, the truth is that most are frightened, underage girls who are sold, coerced or forced into the sex industry. In reality, the average new prostitute is 13 years old (Landsman) and 90% of prostituted women are managed by pimps (Beveling Gibe, 1987). And while that 10% of women may appear to work willingly, the truth is that the universal abuse of sex workers proves the fact that "sex slaves" and prostitutes" are often one in the same.

It is thus crucial that we utilize media to help end the sex crisis, initially by correcting the modern mage of prostitution in film and television. Instead of portraying them as willing, the reality of the sex industry should be shown in movies and TV shows alike. If CNN and BBC broadcasted sex trafficking cases and let the public know that many prostitutes are underage and working against their will, the entire enterprise would be more likely to condone? In addition to this, it is important that an overview of sex slavery be included in the high school Sex De classes.

According to Benedict Berne, speaker at the Conference of World Affairs at CUE Boulder, the world should get to a place where ten not AT Dulling sex Is almost as Torrent as ten not AT segregating cocoons Day race" (CAW, Human Trafficking). Finally, it is crucial to supply media coverage on the truths of street life and ensure teenagers have a realistic perspective on the ordeal. Sadly, modern misconceptions that portray the street as a good life, causing an estimated 1. 6 million kids to run away from their troubled families (Determinate).

Runaways act as a huge feeder to the sex industry, and 1/3 of all runaways turn to prostitution and pornography for survival within the first 48 hours (Thinkers). In order to demolish the sex industry, it is crucial to publicize the realities of sex slavery, develop in-school programs to spread awareness and prevent the runaway epidemic from increasing. Law enforcement plays a key role in the elimination of sex slavery. Even if every humanitarian group does all in their power to console SP victims and spread awareness, the trafficking system cannot be thoroughly eradicated without a comprehensive law enforcement system.

The modern misconceptions that were previously discussed cause law enforcement officials to prosecute the victims and ignore the true perpetrators. Many people, including cops, see prostitution as consensual whilst the majority of such workers are underage and coerced into the business. This leads to unresponsive law enforcement systems that concentrate on the wrong aspects of the sex industry and prevent the admonishment of prostitution. A former victim of sex slavery, Rosetta Minified, reported that "cops didn't help, when they busted me with Johns they told the guys to 'get the hell out of there' and put cuffs on me and laughed at me.

They called me a bitchy and 'a disease ridden crack head"(Hunter, 2). To avoid such miscommunication it is crucial that police are properly introduced to he sex industry and given strict orders on how to treat those under suspicion of solicitation. Teaching introduction courses to sexual slavery and solicitation would help police prosecute the real criminals who perpetuate the sex industry and prevent demolition. Secondly, it is vital that the protection laws for underage prostitutes are enforced and mandatory therapy programs need to be put in place for the girls to be enrolled in.

The programs, which vary in details between countries, tend to orient around teaching the girls basic skills and redeveloping their self-esteem. In a Cambodia clinic for underage sex slaves, the recovery process revolves around "the girls living at the center, which is run by a former victim of sex slavery named Somali Mama, and attending a nearby school, as well as learning Job skills like sewing and hairstyling" (Nair). If local authorities require therapy programs for ex-prostitutes, it will help portray them as victims and prevent their re-entry into the business.

Finally, establishing a system that protects underage sex slaves from being prosecuted is vital to ending the sex trade system. The fact that a twelve year-old having sex with a hairy year-old man is considered rape but if money is exchanged the girl, who would otherwise be considered a victim, is thrown in Jail is preposterous (Landsman, 21). Due to this situation's immoral parameters a Safe Harbor system was created under which the purchase of sex is illegal while the sale is not. The Safe Harbor act, originating in Sweden but spreading quickly worldwide, proved to be very successful.

It has now spread to US states such as New York and Pennsylvania (Nair). Because of this, more legal concentration is put on prosecuting the Johns rather than the victims. Therefore, a major asset in ending the sex trade industry is through careful law enticement, tannery programs Ana creating a legal system Tanat prosecutes ten buyers of sex. Regardless of the state or country in question, worldwide sex trafficking is a major international issue that prevents the development of societies both financially and culturally.

Until the sex industry crisis common knowledge to the average person, domestic violence is drastically reduced and the law enforcement system is effective and legitimate, the entire enterprise cannot be ended. This will give governments the accessory means to deal with trafficking rings that pop up in the near future. Like Polio, small pox and other eradicated diseases, the sex industry will be simple keep under control even when new trafficking rings begin to develop.

The sizeable goal of ending the sexual exploitation can be achieved with persistence, will power and motivation of the people. In order to rid the world of the human trafficking system, a damaging corporation that directly conflicts with the moral principles of freedom and self-worth, we must concentrate on spreading awareness, eradicating domestic violence and perfecting the law enforcement system. Sexual human trafficking, a multi-cultural enterprise whose financial value ranks in the billions and for whom violence and abuse are the norm, is a hugely undervalued crisis in America.

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