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Huella Proposal

Founded in 1999 in Kuala Lumpua, Malaysia, Huella Online Travel was an Internet travel portal targeting Greater China and Asian Pacific. Huella online travel agent is a retail business, that sells travel related products and services to customers, on behalf of suppliers, such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, sightseeing tours and package holidays that combine several products. Huella ‘s Hong Kong was launch in 2000.

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Up to 2004, the revenue growth in Hong Kong had been less than expected. Huella market share in Hong Kong to be only 4% compared 9% in Singapore.This time, Huella wants set up a whole new marketing research to get a depth insight into Hong Kong online travel market.

2- OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: The previous research is very useful in exploring how people awareness of the Huella brand, however they are not conclusive of the public perception in Huella’s target market. In my opinion, we should conduct a research marketing strategy for Huella using a quantitative approach. From this research we should be able to identify: customers, competencies and competitors. Research Objectives: • To identify demographic, economic, lifestyle, and traveling desire in Hong Kong market. To determine a match between consumers’ needs and how Huella online travel agents can be able to match these needs • To identify main attributes of online travel agents that appeal to the target market• To assess the target market’s purchase intent and purchase habits • To determine promotional efforts that appeal to the target market • To determine the price sensitivity of the target market for online travel agents • To identify ideal channels to market the brand in Hong Kong • To identify competition in Hong Kong travel agencies including brick-’n-mortar agents and online agents. – SAMPLING: Another part that is very important, how the sampling is done. Personally, I strongly recommend using online survey and face-to-face interviews because Huella is an online business.

Yet online survey usually has low responds so I also want we have face-to-face surveys that will be more effective because Hong Kong is a small territory and high population. We can collect primary data by survey research and behavioral data. Sampling plan:Sampling size: 300 Sampling unit: white collar, young professional, foreigner travelers in Hong Kong. Sampling procedure: randomly Method: survey and behavioral data Demographics: age between 18 years old to 40 years old. Gender: male and female Professions: general Geography: Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Causeway Bay Contact methods – online survey, face-to-face. 3- ANALYSIS AND REPORT The result from this research will be put in power point and hard copy format.