Positive Effects of Breastfeeding: A Proposal

A great number of babies are born to every country each year. However, studies show that only a minority of mothers actually breastfeed their baby, despite the medical fact that the mother’s milk is the best food for the baby. (Spangler). The alarmingly low rate of breastfeeding mothers cause me concern that perhaps the cause of it is lack of awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding or utter lack of compassion for the newborn child. Breastfeeding and its many positive effects is an important topic for me because I strongly believe that these effects far outweigh whatever possible reason parents may have for choosing the other alternative.

Considering that both mother and child will benefit from breastfeeding, it is hard to imagine why any mother would choose to feed formula milk to her child, except where her milk is shown to be harmful for the baby. (“Breastfeeding — Best For Baby. Best For Mom”). I am quite curious as to the possible reasons behind some mothers’ refusal to breastfeed their child. By means of this essay, it is hoped that many lessons on breastfeeding and its benefits can be unearthed and communicated, both to existing mothers and women who would be mothers in the future.

The essay would generally be a survey of available literature on the topic, which aims to answer questions relating to the extent of this negative attitude towards breastfeeding, the complete list of medically proven benefits of breastfeeding on both mother and child, the possible instances where breastfeeding may be harmful to either mother or child, the recommended means of breastfeeding a child whose mother is incapable or unwilling to breastfeed him, and practical guides on maximizing the benefits of breastfeeding.

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Positive Effects of Breastfeeding: A Proposal
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