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Mosh Pits

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The entertainment industry has indeed created new ways to continue promoting the artists to capture more audiences. In order for the public to be inclined with their stars, promotional campaigns found in televisions and prints are done. Included in the campaign are concerts done most especially by music artists. Concerts are not only proofs of being dominating in that certain place but also serve as a source of fun to concert goers. Seeing your favorite artists play live in front of you would create a lasting memory to someone who is hooked up to the performer.

Concerts and live shows would drive the public wild while watching their favorite artists perform right before their eyes. As an expression, moshing is not something that is unusual to see every time a concert is taking place most especially if the artists are rock stars or those who produce lively music and performances. Moshing is considered to be an output by people who are so relived with oozing happiness and fun during the show. Mosh pits are pointed out as one reason for the increasing frequency of serious injuries in a concert.

The injuries include broken bones, brain damage and paralysis. As a result, some bands and other US cities have banned stage diving and crowd surfing. Creating a city ordinance that will ban mosh pits is one thing being discussed. I don’t agree banning mosh pits because it is taking away the fun that a concert has to offer to its audience. It is taking away self-expression. Mosh pitting is happening when there are actions like crowd surfing, stage diving, mic swinging, instrument smashing and headbanging. Not all actions under mosh pitting is harmful to the crowd who are attending a concert.

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I say that there should be limitations as to the extent of action that concert goers do in mosh pitting but the ban of it shouldn’t be done. Making a concert enjoyable would mean that mosh pitting shouldn’t be absent and making a concert safe would mean limitations and not ban to mosh pitting. Instrument smashing and mic swinging are some actions in moshing that don’t include the crowd. Such are created by the artists or performers. I protest in having a city ordinance banning mosh pits because not all actions under mosh pitting can bring harm to the audience which include mic swinging and headbanging.

If the issue why a city ordinance is going to be put down is because of the increasing accidents, I don’t think that it is right because the fun in the concert is to be spoiled. As a person goes to a concert especially if it is a rock or lively concert, he/she already knows what is going to happen. With that, one is responsible with his/her actions. It is also said that it is generally agreed that moshers are not trying to harm one another but instead of harm, it is to increase the fun and energy of the show.

Moshers also have what they call “moshing etiquette” wherein they help audiences who fall to stand up again to avoid their feet get trampled as mentioned in Tucson Weekly, The Martlet and UpVenue’s Moshpit Etiquette. Moshing is not done to promote violence instead, it is an action that has a good objective to give a reflection of enjoyment and positive feedbacks to the show. I believe that if an action is done to promote violence, it shouldn’t be allowed. Since mosh pits’ primary goal is to create a more fun-filled atmosphere, then banning mosh pits is not right.

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