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How This Sports Analytics Firm Had a Perfect Week in the NFL

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The 2016 NFL regular season kicked off recently and in true sports fashion the bars are packed again on Sunday, Fan Duel commercials are playing every 15 minutes, and one analytics firm is using data to predict the outcome of NFL matchups with 80 per cent accuracy.

Fans across the country put their obligations aside and took in Sunday's festivities in what was the first of many football Sundays for the remainder of the calendar year. In addition to the fans welcoming back their favorite teams, Fantasy Sports commercials, and handicappers, bar goers, and sports fans were also welcoming back the most heavily wagered on American sport.

Similar to March Madness, there's a plethora of contests and office pools to join. With the West gate the world's largest football prediction contest touts, fans, statisticians,and the like test their handicapping skills against the best in the world for the biggest parlay style pick'em contest.

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Out of all the contests, only the Westgate Las Vegas SUPERBOOK SuperContest. With over 1800 entries this year, is labeled the most highly sought-after. With a top prize this year the prize pool that pays out almost 1 million dollars to the winner this year.

The payouts for the top 7 places are as follows:

1st Place $906,675

2nd Place $362,670

3rd Place $181,335

4th to 6th Place $116,572.50

7th Place %90,667.50

The top 50 contestants will all get paid but everybody is vying for the top spot of $906,675.

How Does the SuperContest Work?

The premise of the contest is that each entry picks 5 games against the spread each week, and the person with the best record at the end of the season wins the grand prize. Given the popularity of the contests and that many of the biggest names in all of sports handicapping have been known to participate over recent years, it attracts some of the best prediction modelers in the world. This year a sports analytics firm named Sports Info Traders led by Jon Price who has been interviewed by Forbes multiple times to discuss sports betting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Price started off with a perfect 5-0 record after Week 1 of the NFL Season and is currently at 80% by using a custom but algorithm that determines something called "Delta" that determines what a line is supposed to be in a matchup and using that data against the opening odds of the WestGate and then picking the 5 games that are most favorable to his predicted outcome.

Price who is also a nationally syndicated radio personality says that using a combination of his proprietary data points combined with his natural gut instinct using years of experience has proven to be a success and he's proud to show the entire world in the SuperContest that he is the best living sports bettor in the world thanks to mathematics.

How hard is it to get 5-0 in week 1?

Week 1 is the hardest week of the entire season to pick considering that many teams play guarded and watered-down versions of their playbook during the preseason and don't tip their hand at all to what they're capable of in the coming season. With many rookies in the mix and other unforeseen intangibles, week 1 is extremely unpredictable even for the professionals, except for Sports Information Traders.

Jon Price and his team at Sports Information Traders are fast out of the gate once again this year getting out to a 5-0 start in the pick 'em contest for week 1 and 3-2 against the spread in week 2. They're 1 of only 28 entries that started out undefeated out of 1849 total entries. Jon Price and his team attribute their early success to their preparation and connections throughout the league.

While there's not much to be learned about a team by watching their preseason games where their main concern is to evaluate talent, Jon Price is connected with some of the industries biggest insiders who scout teams regularly and provide data points that Price puts into play in order to make informed betting decisions.

Who is Jon Price?

Jon Price runs the consulting firm Sports Information Traders. He's been featured in Forbes, as well as countless other national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and many nationally syndicated radio shows throughout the country. Often compared to other elite sports gamblers such as Billy Walters and Kenny White, Jon Price prefers to shy away from the spotlight and let his picks do the talking for the most part.

How to get Sports Information Traders' picks?

More information about Sports Information Traders can be found on their website at, along with a copy of their perfect 5-0 betting receipt and the 3-2 in week 2 to land them at 80 per cent winning percentage. Their specific picks for the perfect week were Minnesota Vikings -1.5, New York Jets +2.5, Houston Texans -6, Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5, and the Detroit Lions +3.5. Jon Price of Sports Information Traders gives out free picks each and every week on his nationally syndicated radio programs throughout the country if you're able to listen in and learn how the brilliant mind thinks.

Otherwise, him and his team do offer their football picks to clients as an investment option with the potential of higher margins than that of the stock market and judging by the 80% winning rate it is in due course to far exceed the best hedge funds performance for this year but the risk and ride is sure to be more tumultuous as anything can and does go with sports betting.

We'll continue to monitor Jon Price and Sports Information Traders in the coming weeks to see if they can keep the pace and push their winning streak something the mathematician says you can bet on.

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