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How Famous Entrepreneurs Are Spending Election Day

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On Election Day, the number-one way you can make a difference is to cast your ballot. But many admired business leaders understand that their duty doesn’t end once they step away from the voting booth.


You may be working, trying to work while cable news plays in the background or hiding under the covers waiting for it all to end. However you’re , take a few moments to get inspired by these entrepreneurs using their social media followings and influence to encourage others to take action.

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Donnie Wahlberg

The actor-producer-restaurateur took the opportunity to remind Americans of their country’s collective entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that the people are the ones in charge.

He also tweeted that there’s a chance he may run for president the next time around.

Nely Galán

After facing and ethnic slurs as a child, Galán has devoted her career to advocating for multicultural women. Today is no exception.

Steve Case

The AOL co-founder has been an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton. Today, he retweeted this viral photo of Donald Trump peeking over his voting booth as Trump’s wife, Melania, voted beside him.

Jessica Alba

The Honest Company founder tweeted a Snapchat screenshot of herself telling her followers to choose love.

Martha Stewart

Last night marked the premiere of VH1’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. To promote the new show, Stewart tweeted, “I promise a fun respite from PRE election tv.” Today, she’s tweeting her support for Hillary Clinton.

Richard Branson

The has been extremely vocal today -- despite the fact that he’s a citizen of the United Kingdom!

Warren Buffett

Buffett is leading the campaign, which recruited, vetted and trained more than 100 drivers, registered and educated voters about voting protocols and directed them to their polling places. The billionaire even rented a trolley to transport voters to the polls in his hometown, Omaha.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong proudly sported an “I Vote for Marijuana” shirt on Instagram in support of medicinal and recreational marijuana ballot measures in nine states.

Daymond John

The Shark Tank judge cast member and investor spent Monday handing out water and snacks to people in long early voting lines in Miami. He took to Facebook, posting one 16-minute video of himself and another post about voter suppression and his opinion of the candidates.



Karlie Kloss

Kloss, who is the founder of girls coding summer camp , took women’s empowerment to a new level by tweeting a photo of herself with her ballot, accompanied by the hashtag #ImWithHer.

Kevin Systrom

From across the pond in London, the Instagram co-founder and CEO posed with an English bulldog, carefully emphasizing his furry friend’s nonpartisan stance.

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