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The Happiest Experience in My Life

I have gained many experiences . There were good and bad experiences . All these experiences have made me more matured and wiser .

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The most exiting experience I gained was when my father brought my family to Egypt to further his studies . We lived there for six years. During our stay in Egypt, there were many happy experiences. When I arrived in Egypt ,I was seven years old and I couldn’t speak even a word of Arabic . My mother comforted me by saying everything was going to be alright and I would able to assimilate .

My father sent me and my siblings to school everyday in our first and second year there . My school was just a walking distance from my home, but we had to cross a busy road . It took us about fifteen minutes to reach the school. My siblings and I went to school without any knowledge of the Arabic language . The first day in school was a miserable day . Everything was different . I could not communicate as I could not undestand Arabic . The girls were friendly but some of them were rough and tough .

My first week of school was filled with tears as I was always being bullied by them . As the day passed and my Arabic got bhetter ,the girls who always bullied me became my best friends . There were three of them , Yasmin , Heba and Nada . Actually they were all very kind . We were in the same class from year one to year five . The three girls were very clever ,they easily got full mark or 98% marks for their Mathematics and Arabic language ,but not me . Most Egyptian students work really hard in their studies .

I found it difficult to compete . On our third until sixth year in Egypt,my siblings and I went to school by bus . It was also the most exiting experience . The bus was cramped with students ; all like sardines in a tin . Vis was transported back into time when the pharoahs of Egypt ruled the land . The pyramids were enormous and certainly deserved being crowned as one of the seven wonders of the world . The green sea and huge waves of the Maditerranean sea felt like heaven on earth .

It was such bliss to be building sandcastles on the white sand . Living in Egypt for six years was really wonderful . Each holiday was spent visiting historical sites and places around Egypt . We have even been to the top of mount Sinai to witness the rise of the morning sun . The view was spectacular and humbling. The beauty of the moment will forever be etched like a drawing in my mind . I will always remember the six years I spent in Egypt fondly in my mind . The moments were the best I ever experienced and I will always treasure them .