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Haiti Economic Analysis

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The magnitude 7. 0 earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 significantly deepened existing challenges and created massive reconstruction needs for a country that was already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. In spite of the enormity of the task, three years after the earthquake, much has been done by Haitian and the Haitian Government, in partnership with Coos, the private sector, and the international community. Of the 1. 5 million internally displaced people, nearly 1. 2 million have left the camps and relocated.

Reconstruction programs are preparing and building safe housing and upgrading neighborhoods. Most of the 11 million cubic meters of debris has been removed, making Port-AU-Prince's roads passable. Many schools have been reconstructed and for the 2012/2013 school year, the government has committed to pay fees for 900,000 children while donors finance free access to education for another 230,000 children for six years of primary school. Through a national school feeding program, 2 million children receive a hot meal every day.

Nevertheless, much remains to be done to reduce poverty and improve the lives of Haitian. POLITICAL SITUATION The political situation has been relatively stable with the Government, led by Prime Minister Laurent Lemonhead, trying to accelerate government-led efforts for reconstruction, work "Viet et been" (quickly and well), and address longstanding service delivery gaps. The government has adopted a pro-active private sector development agenda, highlighted by a "Haiti is open for business" campaign aimed at promoting foreign investment and links with the Diaspora.

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Encouraging the acceleration of government implements can provide a stability or security for the citizens. Challenges of the nation being addressed, such as the challenge of demonstrating that Haiti would show and could foster a conducive investment ground which can start businesses. The flow of the country's cash has become near stagnant, so I would say that the country should find a way to increase spending. Wait's resources may be spent on the continuing reconstruction of infrastructure, and development of the agricultural sector of their economy's output.

This can create Jobs so to help the unemployment rate be alleviated somehow. Maybe actions needed right now are the actions that can immediately contribute to economic security, even in little by little. The government can take into action undertakings that would manage to strike economic growth and economic development at the same time. Wise spending and allocation of their budget should be practiced in order to maximize the capacity for production and income enervation.

Maybe close collaborations with development partners and further engagements with them can be a help to strengthen the governance. My report would like to highlight, in my opinion, the importance of stimulating private sector growth and incentives for the people to get up and do their part in their nation's recovery. Proper management of the human resource is essential as well. The school's constructed and the new houses for the people are products that show Wait's active economic activity and their inclination for the development of the people's condition.

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