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Google vs bing

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Google and Bing are competing to be the most used and talked about search engine on the Internet. To hold this title means a great deal of wealth generated from a successful search engine. The more traffic a search engine generates, the more money It can produce In the forms of endorsements and advertisements. In reality, competition Is good for both companies as it forces both to continually make improvements and strive to develop the best possible product for the public.

This competition is one of the driving forces of our free market economy oday. The company's history of Google has been around since the early 90's. It was created and started as a search engine by two grad students at Stanford who major in computer science and the company has grown extremely large since its first days in Susan WoJcicki's garage in Menlo Park. Today, Google controls the search engine landscape. A shared market survey carried out by Search Engine Land in March of 2012 found that Google controlled about 66. 4 percent of the market.

Never the less, this Is a enormous percentage and Google has used its success to take hance Into many different fields away from purely Just Its search engine. Some of these may Include: videos, social media, mapping, and even creating Its own operating system. As one of the biggest technology companies on the planet, Microsoft is no foreigner to adjusting to new trends in technology. Raiseing the majority of its success and resources with the uses Windows operation system, Microsoft decided to make its own search engines that have unfolded over the years.

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Its current version of a search engine website is Bing. This site is a revised version f Live Search which itself came from Windows Live Search and trails all the way back to MSN search, Bing was launched in 2009, and at first it focuses on having an interactive interface with focus on searches, maps, videos, and other interactive media. Considering that this search engine Is new to the search engine world, It Is gaining prompt momentum. According to the same market share survey from Search Engine Land from March 201 2, Bing currently controls 15. percent of the search engine market. Now and days both companies now find themselves In a battle for ho can make the latest development in the battle to control the online market. Though Google owns a much higher percent of the market, Bing is gaining momentum and is now Google's greatest competition. For the two companies that own these search engines, there are billions of dollars of resources at both the company's fingertips for improvement, research, and development of their products.

The two companies have both attempted to make use of the social media in their continuing struggle for power, and their results are on a different path. Google has tried to start its own social media site. Google plus has linked up to Google and the company has embraced a multitude of features so the two sites can run and mesh together effectively. Microsoft went on to Join with an outside social media site. Bing has an exclusive relationship with the social media giant Facebook. The reality of this different strategy favors Bing because the popularity of Facebook Is far bigger than Google plus.

As a result of this, Bing will likely continue to grow in popularity Decause 0T I users. Another area of competition that has affected the operation of the companies is the actual power of the search engines they are promoting. Google's search algorithm gave revolution to the search engine world. It has been the driving force to the company's success. By Bing adopting the same search algorithm has to face an opponent with, most likely the best programming in the business. To compete the search engine, Bing launched an advertisement campaign that used the classic "taste test" strategy.

The idea of this campaign was for users to blindly use the two websites ( like in the commercials) for a search and then choose which engine produced a better result. Unfortunately for Bing, this strategy backfired. Though they xpected to see more users prefer their search engine, the power of the Google algorithm won the battle. According to the International Business Times, Google "came out ahead in both cases, winning 3:2 in the first test and 4:1 in the second," A final area that the two search engines compete is their marketing gimmick.

Google is an oddity among companies. It has not put much of resources into its marketing. The news got around mostly by word of mouth. Bing, on the other hand, faces a different situation. As a new, emerging search engine, it will not likely gain the popularity Google has by simply word of mouth. One strategy Bing can use is to market the differences between the two companies. They can market their social media band instead of Just claiming to be a better search engine. Competition is one of the best parts about businesses in todays free market economy.

It makes companies constantly improve their products. The battle is currently wrenching between Google and Bing is another example of this fact. Both these companies are trying to make their websites constantly better than the others. The use of creative improvements to the companies has provided for continuous beneficial growth of both companies. By breaking into social media, user interfacing, videos, maps, and more, the companies are providing the public with two easy and convenient options for their search engine needs.

I believe in the future we will see a shift in the strategies from the current for both companies. Google will probably back off the social media push it has made and focus more on being a knowledge based search engine that is quick, easy, and reliable. Bing will take the route of expanding its social media connections and try to show that it is a more than a user-friendly system that is great for searching within these specific domains.

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