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Google in Asia

PIB Case Discussion Google in Asia 1. What resources and capabilities does Naver have that Google does not? – Those two companies have same purpose and function. But in detail, Google didn’t catch up Koreans mind.

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Google prefer simple design with fast searching system for people whose don’t have fast internet or fast internet devices. But in Korean market, almost every houses are using super fast internet with chip price. And even countryside of South Korea is able to use fast internet. If American or other nation uses naver as a main page, too many links and advertising can be effect their internet speed.

And Naver has more information that fits to Korean people who wants for the information. Such as Knowledge search, blogs, and cafe things, which make people gathering and share the information and communicating. 2. Why are the top two search engine providers in Japan foreign entrants, whereas in South Korea and China, it is a domestic incumbent that dominates the industry? -People can proud of their mother company which gives lots of information and easy to use. But in Japan, those two companies are foreign companies and settle downed already in Japanese market. That’s why even it’s not Japanese company, people doesn’t care. . Does Naver have what it takes to succeed in overseas markets, such as Japan and the United states? -Naver is not just a search engine which give information. The reason that succeeds in Korean market was other functions, which can provide interests and make people gathering all together on the websites. If Naver provide similar function web site in Japan and US market, they might be successful. But before they jump in foreign market, they must consider of the environment factors such as internet speed and supply rates of computer thing. Naver is too heavy for people who don’t have fast internet or fast internet devices.