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Global And China Natural Rubber Industry Report

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Currently, global natural rubber consumption markets are mainly concentrated in China, Europe, India, and the United States, with the four countries and regions making up 59. 6% of global natural rubber consumption in 2013. Among them, China was the largest consumer, reaching up to 4. 156 million tons, or 34. 9% of the world's total. However, limited by planting region, climate, and so on, global natural rubber production is primarily concentrated in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam and African countries.

In relative terms, the output of natural rubber in China is rather low, only 856,000 tons in 2013, or 7. 3% of global total. Due to the grave imbalance between market supply and demand, China imports most of the natural rubber from abroad, with import volume totaling 2. 4723 million tons in 2013, an increase of 13. 6% year on year. Among them, 87. 9% came from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia over the same period.

In recent years, China has been expanding the rubber planting area.

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Rubber trees that were planted in 2005-2008 will be tapped in succession from 2014, and then the output of natural rubber in China will increase dramatically, with the output expected to exceed 1 million tons in 2016. Chinches International, China Hanna Rubber Industry Group, Gudgeon Guanine Rubber Group, and Yuan State Farms Group are the leading Chinese natural rubber producers. Propelled by the "going out" strategy for Chinese natural rubber companies, they have accelerated the expansion of the overseas business. Global And China Natural Rubber Industry

Report 2013 - 2016 -Worldwide Market Trends and Opportunities By Nashville operation in the field of natural rubber. The company, through the acquisition and integration of natural rubber processing factories and plantations at home and abroad, has continued to expand its natural rubber business. As of the end of 2013, the company had 180,000 hectares of land for natural rubber, with a processing capacity of 680,000 tons/a of rubber.

China Hanna Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd. Is a key natural rubber producer in China. By the end of 2013, the company had controlled 21 rubber factories in Hanna and Yuan with a combined processing capacity of 430,000 tons/a of natural rubber. In addition, following its acquisition of Singapore rubber trading giant RI, the company established a Joint venture in July 2013 in Sierra Leone, with the aim of planting 100,000 hectares of natural rubber and intending to build a natural rubber processing plant. Gudgeon Guanine Rubber Group Co.

Ltd. Began to expand its overseas business from 2004 and by the end of January 2014, the Group had 19 overseas projects, with a total investment of ARM 8 billion and 3 million mum (1 hectare equals 15 mu) of rubber planting area. If all projects can reach the designed capacity on schedule, the company will be able to produce over 1 million tons of natural rubber annually.

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