Flawless Tips on Selecting Your PhD Thesis Topic

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How to Choose the Right PhD Thesis Topics?
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Selecting the right PhD Thesis topic is challenging, but if you get this step right, you are on the right path to completing your studies and getting your degree. Deciding on your PhD topic has to be a result of thorough research and multiple consultations with your student support team. You need to know exactly what your university’s requirements are and what your professors are expecting of you. If you know the research field or area of your professor, you might choose a topic that is related to it, so you get plenty of support from your supervisor when trying to locate recent publications or completing your literature review.

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What to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your PhD Thesis Topic

To be successful at shortlisting the most appropriate doctoral thesis topics or PhD thesis topic, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Is the PhD thesis topic relevant to recent trends in research, and related to your studies

You need to check research projects submitted in your department in the past few years. If you need help finding these in the archives, ask your supervisor’s help.

Is there enough preliminary literature to support your doctoral thesis or PhD thesis topic

You need to perform a quick literature research in order to find out if your topic is current, whether or not you can add to the existing literature, and build on existing research.

What are the current hot trends in your subject area

You will need to select a PhD thesis topic that will provide value for researchers and those who work in the field. Check for current issues, trends, using a journal search of recent publications. If you find a topic that attracts an intense debate, you might just have found a winning doctoral thesis topic.

Which theories you would like to apply?

You, as a PhD student, are likely to have a favourite theory or approach. Look for topics that allow you to utilise your advanced knowledge in the theory.

Which research approach an philosophy would you like to use?

You need to make sure that your doctoral thesis is feasible, and can be completed in the given time. As an example, if you are planning to create a longitudinal study, you might need years to complete your dissertation, as all the results need to be analysed.

Will you get access to the data and research tools?

Once you shortlist your PhD thesis topics, you need to make sure that you will have access to the software needed to analyse the results and you can gain access to the information. For example, if you are an MBA student, and would like to research a company, you need to gain consent from the management to carry out the research.

How will the research enhance your future career?

You need to pick your doctoral dissertation topic according to your interest and future career. Your research will show your potential employers your interest in the given topic and you will be more likely to get the job.

A PhD dissertation should also summarize your knowledge of the topic you studied during your course. However, showcasing academic skills and theoretical knowledge is only half of the job. You need to add loads of creativity, and develop a unique approach that will create value for researchers and professionals working in the field. Remember that your PhD dissertation should highlight your research skills and show the university that you can work on your own initiative, develop ideas, and add value to the literature.

Tips on Selecting Your PhD Thesis Topic

Before you start, familiarize yourself with current literature and trends, and make sure that you know which topics have research gaps you can build your PhD thesis on.
Engage in discussions on your selected topics in your faculty, to gain even more insight.
Talk to your librarian or student support staff about your ideas. They will be able to crystallize your thoughts and clarify your research approach and direction
Make sure that your topic is manageable. Start with a broader research thesis, and narrow it down to a more specific one. This will make your topic easier to manage.
Ensure that your topic will remain relevant and interesting for a long time. You do not want to write about a technology that might be outdated in a few years or an issue that is being resolved by government legislation.
The research has to fill a gap in the existing literature. It is important that you check that your research is unique in the field, and no similar studies are in progress or have been published.
It is a good idea to start your own dissertation topics file and take it with you to seminars and supervisor meetings. Add to it, eliminate items from the list, and you will be on the riht path to developing your perfect PhD thesis topics.
Create a timeline estimate for each topic. This way, you can decide which doctoral dissertation topics are feasible, and which will be challenging to complete in a given time.
Look for suggestions from your university or ask your supervisor. Remember that your university receives and judges plenty of dissertations every year, and they have plenty of experience.
Try to contact other researchers and experts in the field when considering a subject area. They will be happy to support your research and provide you with practical and academic advice.

Deciding on your doctoral dissertation topic is one of the most important decisions you will face during your studies. Do not feel overwhelmed by the number of options and the requirements. If you are in doubt, you can always seek further guidance from your university or individual professor.

If you still find it difficult to decide, you can look through our site’s Free Dissertation Topics section that has a list of subjects for various disciplines, from project management to health and social care. Alternatively, you can contact our site with your question and get professional advice from our professional academic writing experts.

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