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Executive board, scientific executive board and trustees manage Cancer Research UK. The scientific executive board determines the how and when researches should be carried and at which location. With the help of the executive board distributes the budget and allocates funds depending on prevalence. The trustees are the general custodians of donors in the project. Moreover, the management team employees the right personnel and determines assets and resources that should be acquired. Four Pillar Hotel is determined in maximizing profits and ensuring that they improve their presence in the market place.

Thus, the hotel is managed by the board of directions who employee other employees and staff. They also allocate roles and responsibilities and ensure that discipline is good. Many groups of people who come from different organizations manage Cancer Research UK and they have interest in the research. Conversely, individuals who want to ensure that profits of the organization increases manage Four Pillar Hotel. Cancer Research UK has more than 3000 staff members. Thus, they ensure that they have the right scientists, doctors and subordinate staff who fulfill their duties.

The subordinate staff comes from other disciplines that are not related to cancer research such as the IT and accounts personnel. The main of Four Pillar Hotel is to earn revenues. Thus, the staff in this organization is derived from fields that have specific needs to the organization. For example, accountants, marketers and information technology technicians ensure that the hotel is admirable. Thus, waiters and other supportive staff ensure that the customers are fully satisfied. This means that the Four Pillar Hotel employs most employees from the business sector while the Cancer Research UK employs most people from the field of medicine.

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The external stakeholders are the institutions, individuals or organizations that ensure that the organization is there and operational. Thus, institutions and groups that are associated with this group are the suppliers, customers, government and the community in which the institution is located. Different organizations and institutions have different kinds of customers. In the case of Cancer Research UK, its customers are people who are seeking treatment for cancer, people who are seeking knowledge concerning cancer and the organizations and individuals who ensure that cancer is completely removed from the society. Read about FedEx Stakeholders

Four Pillar Hotel customers are people who are interested in having nice time and fulfilling there personal needs. Thus, customers are the people who are seeking for leisure, lodging facilities and food & beverages. Thus, the customers for Cancer Research UK are forced by circumstances to visit the institution and seek services & products from it. On the other hand, the customers of Four Pillar Hotel seek entertainment, business needs or food ensures they visit the place voluntarily. The suppliers of Four Pillar Hotel core business are food and beverages.

They ensure that there is enough food and beverages in hotel. Thus, the main suppliers are from food industry and lodging amenities. The main suppliers of Cancer Research UK are suppliers from research equipments and pharmaceuticals who ensure that there are the right drugs in the hospital and other chemicals that aid in the research. Therefore, the suppliers of the two institutions have different products and services in their minds. Cancer Research UK is determined to receive medical supplies while the Four Pillar Hotel is determined to be supplied by foods and beverages.

Government is an important external stakeholder in both industries. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the government in the two industries is somehow different. For example, in the hospitality industry, government plays a role in developing policies, licenses and regulations that guides the sector. The government is among the donors who funds the Cancer Research UK and other charity organization. Thus, the government develops the guidelines that guides the charity institutions and ensures that the Cancer Research operates within the guidelines.

From this understanding, government collaborates with the charity organization in fulfilling their requirements to the public. The government regulates hospitality industries such as the Four Pillar Hotel. Thus, the revenues that are obtained from the Cancer Research UK are returned back to support other plans. Cancer Research UK is determined in reducing the effects and treatment of the cancer. It is more acceptable to the community when compared to other business such as the Four Pillar Hotel. The community sees that the hotel is determined in making profits while the research institution is ready to take care of their health problems.

Even though both organizations employ the local people, in the case of the Cancer Research UK usually are not able to employ the right scientific people from the location. The aim of different organizations is to ensure that they fulfill a certain demand that is in the civil community. In the case of Cancer Research UK is determined in researching and treatment of cancer. The aim of Four Pillar Hotel is to provide, lodging, food and beverages to the people. Thus, the internal and external stakeholders are interested in different things.

Internal stakeholders including the managers, owners and staff ensure that the institution or organization is profitable or fulfills the requirements of the organization. External stakeholders utilize the services and products that are provided by these organizations.


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