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Exploring Business Purpose

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The main sorting of businesses is into the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors: I should choose two different organisations covering these sectors and for each one: a) Describe the main activities (what does it makes, what it does, what does it sells or what does it provides? ). b) Explain which sector it is in and why. Primary, secondary and tertiary are sectors in the businesses. A definition of each sector is given underneath:- Primary sector:-

Primary sector is the first step which is business producing raw materials or natural resources from the earth. Farming involves growing crops and rearing animals, providing food, wool and skins. Mining and quarrying involves extracting raw materials - oil and coal, for example - from the earth (or under the sea). Fishing involves catching sea life. Secondary sectors:- This sector is made up of businesses that manufactures / construct goods . For example, Processing raw materials (from the primary sector), such as refining oil into petrol.

Manufacturing - making products from raw materials (or other manufactured products), such as cars. Construction - for example, using raw materials, such as wood and stone, to build houses. Textiles - making clothing products from raw materials, such as wood, or man-made materials, such as plastics. Tertiary sector:- This sector includes all businesses that provide a service to a business or to individuals. This is the largest sector of production. Retail is selling goods produced by the secondary sector in shops.

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Tourism is providing services to people who are travelling for fun. Education is teaching people new skills in schools and colleges. Health is providing services to ill people. Banking is providing financial services, such as lending people money and helping them invest their money. All these sectors are linked as a sequence of production. The chain of production diagram is shown below to create a better understanding:- For my primary research I will explain two companies, one local and national.

I am going to choose are:- Millets Farm Centre for my local primary industry and shell for my national industry Primary industry: For my primary local sector I will prefer to write about Millets Farm. Millets Farm is a local Farm in oxford shire because it is only located in Oxford. It opens 7 days a week and has free Entry to all great visitor and retail services. Millets Farm has over 800 free cars parking places for their all customers but especially for disables.

They are Primary they because they growing natural resources from the land like farming and instead for this they are also opened a new farm shop in Evesham, Worcs which provides us with lots of vegetables and fruits such as like carrot, cucumber, cabbage and also with fruits like apple, pear, orange many more from more growing in farm and putting it as through to secondary sector. The address of Millets Farm is: Kingston Road Frilford Nr Abingdon Oxford shire OX13 5HB Primary National industry: For my primary national industry I am going to write about shell because it's all around the world.

Shell is a worldwide oil company of Dutch and British origins. Forbes Global 2000 in 2007 ranked Shell the eighth largest company in the world. Also in 2007, Fortune magazine ranked Shell as the third-largest private sector energy corporation in the world, behind of Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil and Shell company's has five main core businesses in the Exploration for and Production, processing transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons oil, Gas and Power, Refining and Marketing, Chemicals (the "downstream"), and Trading/Shipping, and operates in more than 140 countries and territories and employ 108,000 people worldwide.

A shell company was created in February 1907. Shell Ship Management Limited Manannan House Market Square Castletown IM9 1RB 044 (0)1624821500 Secondary - BMW Group Plant Oxford For my local secondary business I will choose Mini BMW which is in the secondary sector in oxford shire and it also known as manufacturing. Why BMW is a secondary business and also why it is known as manufacturing because they are like to metal - and they are also turning raw materials into goods such as BMW mini cars. BMW mini factory is located in Oxford but the Current owner is German. They are producing automotive brand new mini BMW cars.

They are the only producers of minis in the world the build 355 minis a day they employ 4500 workers. These minis are shipped all over the world from the and sold from BMW show rooms or on online stores BMW employs around 8,000 people in the UK with an additional 11,000 people in its 158-strong dealer network representing the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands. The UK is BMW Group's third-largest market by sales and the second-largest production location. The BMW Group has invested over i?? 800 million in its UK operations since 2000. www. mini. co. uk National Secondary Business Cadbury's

Cadburys was founded in 1989, the headquarters of Cadbury's is in Berkeley Square, London, England, UK, and is the only major international confectionery manufacturer making chocolate bars and sweets in Birmingham. They are a well-known international industry and have been in business for more than 200year in the UK. They are a secondary business because they take raw materials such as coco beans, sugar, popular Dairy Milk and turning it into chocolate for consumers to buy cheaply. Cadburys is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world. Cadbury's Consumer Relations Department Cadbury PO Box 12, Bourneville

Birmingham B30 2LU Tertiary local CHENEY SCHOOL (OCS) Cheney School has been part of the life and education of Oxford since 1797. Cheney school is a local tertiary business because it is only located in oxford shire. It is provides education for all students which are call services as well. So that service get all student somewhere in their life to realise, achieve and brings success in their life for future for e. g. when they do their GCSE Cheney School so after passing their g GCSE things so they can easily go into any Colleges for A- levels, or universities and the students also can get good jobs for in future.

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