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A compound document consists of different kinds of information e. g. , they could be tables, text that has been formatted, formulae, graphs etc. And these bits of information are organized as a window display and stored as a single file. According to Daniel Rentz, the manner in which compound document files work is much similar to real file systems. They consist of numerous independent data streams which are arranged in a hierarchial order of storages-much akin to sub directories in a file system (Rentz,2007)

Importance of creating a "compound document"

i. It can flexibly integrate various features that comprise the various types of graphs, data, images e. t. c, and hence is considered a revolution in software engineering when communication and presentation skills have become simpler. ii. Ability to integrate work processors with image files and audio files.

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Examples of potential compound documents

Example-1 : A web page is an example of compound document, because it contains text with individual objects i. e. , pictures, videos, sounds, Java applets, and ActiveX controls. (Sheldon,2001).

Example-2 : The most common example of compound document is the employability of a compound document in the slide presentation. The presentation slides include a number of audio and visual elements along with the text.

Example-3 : A word processors need not be compelled to implement its own equation editor but rather it can use compound document technology to work with any equation editor available.


Hence in the essay, we have seen the fundamental meaning of ‘Compound document’ and brought forth the important advantages of creating a compound document.

Having understood the meaning, we have substantiated by way of examples and suggested reference for reading as given below in the reference section.


Rentz,Daniel(2007) “OpenOffice. org’s documentation of the Microsoft Compound Document File Format” Retrieved on 27th May,2009 <http://sc. openoffice. org/compdocfileformat. pdf> Sheldon,Tom(2002) “Compound Documents” Retrieved on 27th May,2009 <http://www. linktionary. com/c/compound_doc. html>

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