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A quote by Mentoring sums up all: "If you ask managers what they do, they will most likely tell you that they plan, organize, coordinate and control. Then watch what they do. Don't be surprised if you can't relate what you see to those four words" I believe this shows how Mentoring and Payola's work are interrelated and both valid and shows how Payola's theoretical perspective of what managers aim to still exist but has not been achieved by managers which are shown through observations from Mentoring and others.

I believe that all of the management models discussed In the article Mentoring(1973) Payola and Cotter are valid today and represent a slightly different IEEE of the same core points, and so based on this Payola's work has not been made redundant but is still a credible source and should be considered alongside the more recent empirical studies such as Meltzer and Cotter.


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Essay management

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