Entrepreneurs Share The A-Ha Moments In Their Business

Last Updated: 10 May 2020
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To sum up entrepreneurship, it is a long period of low with one or few major moments of high. Now this might disappoint any budding entrepreneur given the time and dedication one spends on their venture. However, you need not worry! Ask any successful entrepreneur and they would tell you the same thing - they would choose to go through the same disappointments and their failed attempts every single time given the chance to live that high when they finally succeeded.

Now this isn’t because these entrepreneurs are crazy. It’s just because these small moments of high they get with their little victories is enough to give them the courage to take more risks and start again with the same dedication. This small victory holds the potential to change their life and those associated with their venture. And this is why we need to celebrate our entrepreneurs more often. Celebrating their spirit, we asked some entrepreneurs their A-Ha Moment in the business and gathered the small stories of success they have achieved.

Sushil Kumar Baranwal, Founder, Morphedo

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While my MBA batch mates were sitting for their final placements I was approached by IIM Placement committee for placement and we hired interns from there. This was one of the best decisions of that period as the value addition by these interns has been enormous.

Ritu Malhotra, Co-founder, Renomania

When we started, digital platforms were a new territory for us. While we were sure about the need for the content we were providing, we were not sure about how intensively would we be able to reach the audiences. In this regard, our social media growth in just a couple of months of starting up has been one of our best memories. It was a big boost for the entire team as we relied exclusively on content and our reach was mostly organic! We used social media marketing (particularly Facebook) to gain a lead over our competitors (who have been around for years). We achieved over 300,000 monthly unique visitors and an Alexa rank of low 4,000s in just four months after our launch. We are growing our monthly uniques at 50% month on month. Our Facebook page has over a lakh and a half likes most of which are organic.

Ashutosh Johri, Co-founder, Baxi

We had an internal competition to see how many rides a driver buddy could do in a day. The person who won that day completed 51 rides and we called each one of the customers to make sure that the number was genuine. It validated all our theories, and confirmed the immense potential of this business and its ability to succeed.

Sunil Bakshi, Founder and CEO, Infiniti

I am very proud that we attracted & hosted divers from every corner of the world who came to the Andaman Islands specifically to dive with the Infiniti. A big cheers to the worldwide diving fraternity. We also received strong international acclaim from our guests, partners, media, experts, dive clubs. The Infiniti was a cover feature for Conde Nast Traveller in many of their global editions. We got a great feature in Undercurrent which is THE guide for serious divers. All of this has been highly motivating for me to carry on.

Ahmed Arab, Co-founder, Privyplex

When Virat was sold on the idea in the first meeting, we realised the potential this offering had and then we got calls from two top VCs on the next day post launch.

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