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E-Business Strategy Part

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In 1993, AY-Khans Sports was formed with a single store In Holiday Plaza, Juror Barr. Initially, the business started off as a general sportswear outlet. As the business grew, En Ail found that there was a demand for specialty shops, dealing in soccer, basketball and other sports. As a result, he began to set up stores catering to these niche markets. It has since grown to 61 stores In every country within Peninsular Malaysia. The main activities of AY-Khans are stores or retail activities.

First it increase the ROI by identifying non-moving stock across the chain, transfer them to where they are selling and/or return them. Also, Identify and return non-moving stock at purchase value to avoid any loss on non-moving stock return. Such effective stock transfers peopled with purchase returns increase the ROI. Next, it lower the inventory Investment by the consolidated view of Inventory including the need at each point of sale facilitates optimum Inventory at each point of sale. Also ensures that stock can be transferred to the point of sale at short notice.

They also lower pilferage by continuous stock audit based on BBC classification of Items Instead of periodic full stock verification helps to Identify mismatch between physical stock & system stock early. Such continuous stock audit helps lower pilferage. It also made a best purchase as the store pool its requirements; the volume of arches goes up. This allows store better-negotiating leverage. Combining this with the analysis of their sales, purchase and Inventory data, allows store keeper source products from the cheapest and best.

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Then they lower the operating cost by optimal utilization of man power, optimal utilization of store space, effective inventory management and leads to lower operating costs. AY - Khans also centralized the financial control as store's business moves to a model of depositing the entire receipts/collectors with the WHQL and all payments are made from WHQL, store get better financial control over its business. The fraud prevention by Real-time / Periodic upload of point of sale data to the WHQL prevents any tampering with data at the point of sale.

This builds better awareness among point of sale staff and prevents fraud. Subsequently, prevent poor practices from becoming bad habits by audit trail to help WHQL know the activities done at the point of sale and identify the poor practices such as stock updating, temporary stock addition etc. Corrective action for such poor 'OFF The other activities for AY Khans are they provide discount to customer by making a big sale or promotion in press. They offer a reasonable and appropriate price for all our products that will benefit to all kind of level customers with a better purchasing environment.

AY -Khans trained their staff well in their product and technology as well to give a very good service to help customer. Their staff also must have a good knowledge about the product and to assist customer by giving the information about the product. Their concept as customer always right and provide value added service like assistance in purchasing. AL- Khans products are quality and up to date product. They also launch new schemes time to time like customer cards, free items on purchasing. For their valued customer, they provide voucher services worth ARMS.

This voucher enable customer to purchase their product at all AY-Khan's outlet and it also can be a present. Other than that, they provide information about new products to customers by emails, telephone calls, messages etc. This will help customer to update every single latest product that arrived at AY-Khans. Others service that they provided for their customer is in choosing appropriate product. AY-Khans often involve in other activities like sponsorship of any mega vent. They also choose appropriate distribution channel. They followed the business ethics in terms of customer services.

They had directed and supervised employees engaged in sales, inventory-taking, reconciling cash receipts, or in performing services for customers. AY - Khans also monitor sales activities to ensure that customers receive satisfactory service and quality goods. They have their own brand authorized dealer such as Nikkei, Aids Lotto as their supplier. They always ensure their staffs are caliber in customer services by instruct staff on how to handle difficult and complicated sales. The company hire, train, and evaluate personnel in sales or marketing establishments, promoting or firing workers when appropriate.

This is to make sure all staff must have good Job behavior and very disciplined. Lastly, their account department have to plan budgets and authorize payments and merchandise returns to make sure company gain profit and to ensure company's running business very well. As a result, AY-Khans today has expanded aggressively towards the goal to be the biggest sports chain-retailer nationwide. From a single outlet, AY-Khans has learnt to main competitive in difficult market conditions, while growing pace by pace.

It is a major concern for the Government that Bumpier retailers are a minority in almost all Shopping Malls and well-developed areas as is evident from the fact that Al- Khans has been chosen to be a Nominated Franchiser by the Government, AY-Khans meets all the criteria for a highly successful Bumpier retailer. Truth is, not many make it, as Bumpier retailers are perceived to be lacking in retailing skills. Al- Khans is one of the rare breed that should be accorded the highest marks in your f 10 respondents in the soccer industry recognizing the name AY-Khans.

EJB sports Pal EJB Sports pal is one of the Auk's leading e-business sports retailers. JIB was originally formed in 1971 to acquire the business of a single sports store in Wigwag. The original store was established by J Brought in the early asses and was then bought by J. Bradford and then J. Bradbury. When David Whelan bought the store from John Bradbury he maintained the JIB name. Trading from four stores in 1976, the store portfolio grew to 120 stores in 1994, at which point the Company was floated on the London Stock Exchange. In 1998 EJB Sports acquired the business of Sports Division.

The acquisition then made EJB the largest sports retailer in the I-J. Since 1998, the Sports Division business has been fully integrated within the EJB group. EJB now operates in most major towns and cities of the I-J as well as on the internet and other channels. The product ranges include sports textiles, footwear, replica shirts, equipment, accessories, cycles and golfing products. The interesting thing about JIB is about their employment which is freely chosen, there is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labor. Their employees have the right to collective bargaining.

They also have a working condition with safe and hygienic. Other than that their living wages are paid, working hours are not excessive, no discrimination is practiced and regular employment is provided. In this E-business, they provided disabled persons should enjoy equal opportunities within the workplace. EJB take the training and deployment of all colleagues within all the stores in I-J and Eire and its Retail Support Centre in Wigwag very seriously. The trainers within the group have responsibility for the induction of store personnel in ewe procedures, and new techniques and processes.

Training methods vary from daily Job training to weekly training sessions, video training, team briefings; supplier led training and residential training courses. Shopping online is the most simple, quick and fun way to buy the latest sports products at JIB sport. Whether customer using a PC, laptop, smart phone or the latest touch screen gadget customer can now shop with them in the comfort of customer own home and when customer on the move. Here at EJB Sports, customer will find the latest clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories for sports fans.

With their suggested range of products online and exclusive products Just for their website, they will soon find out why they are so serious about sport. When customers are on their homepage customer can browse their products by selecting a category from their drop-down menus. They could view the latest footwear, clothing, equipment, shop by sport or by brand otherwise click on any banner or image to take to direct to some of their best product ranges. Customers can also shop at www. Supports. Com anytime, anywhere and any day and with the best house with delivery charges.

All online orders will delivered by Home Delivery Network (HEAD). First customer online order must go to the address of the registered cardholder. They also provided online and JIB Sports store for free returns. Other services provided for nearest store by using Store Finder. Lastly, EJB Sports also provide affiliate programs to any customer who wants to Join and be an affiliate for the company for making money. They can be part of EJB Sport team in order to market or advertise the JIB Sport product via online or in any website and blob.

For the reward, they will get some commission by doing the affiliate program which their payment will transfer directly into their banks account. The commission are base on their performance in online marketing or E-Business. They also involve in social media networks such as backbone, Twitter and Youth to promote their company. Accordingly, E-business is one of the famous online businesses nowadays. Even it still a new thing and new comers in this industry, but because of there are so many benefits and advantage rather than the store retails, and it becomes the pioneer in the new technology of this decade.

The traditional business (brick and mortar) must look forward to enter into this online business because besides they can promote heir product; they also can close with customers and can buy the customer right. This will help company increase their services as long as the quality of the sales of their products. Why AY-Khans Sports Sad Bad vs. JIB Sports Pal? As we can see AY-Khans is only brick and mortar company but they have develop become an brick and clicks company; however they still young in this technology rather than JIB Sports that in early 1994 already have 120 stores while AY-Khans have setup 1 store only in 1993.

It is quite hard nowadays to get totally Brick and Mortar Company. Modern lifestyle with advanced technology, AY-Khans pursuit of assures to be consistent with other well established Sports Company as EJB sports Business Strategy Johnson and Schools define strategy as follows: "Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations".

Strategy at Different Levels of a Business

Any of organizations have their on level strategy for ranging the overall business (or group of businesses) through to individuals working in it. There are divided in 3 categories: Three main components in systematic strategic management process shown in the figure below: Strategic Analysis. To analyses the strength of business position and considerate the crucial of external factors that may influence the position of the business.

There are a number of tools of analysis could process the strategic analysis, such as:

  1. Strategic Choice. This process is to choose the correct and suitable choice by Understanding the nature of stakeholder expectations (the "ground rules")
  2. Identifying strategic options. Evaluating and selecting strategic options.
  3. Strategy Implementation. The tough part for the business strategy is implementation. After all strategy has been analyses and selected, the critical task is then to interpret it into organizational action.

SOOT Analysts

In SOOT Analysis it's an extremely useful tool for understanding and decision-making for all sorts of situations in business and organizations. SOOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The SOOT analysis headings provide a good framework for reviewing strategy, position and direction of a company r business proposition, or any other idea. SOOT analysis use for business planning, strategic planning, competitor evaluation, marketing, business and product development and research reports.

Strengths and Weaknesses are 'mapped' or 'graphed' against Opportunities and Threats. Strengths and Weaknesses are regarded distinctly as internal factors - the situation inside the company or organization that tend to be in the present, whereas Opportunities and Threats are regarded distinctly as the external environment - the situation outside the company or organization when factors tend to be in the future. AY - Khans SOOT Analysis EJB sports SOOT Analysts Porter's Five Forces The second strategy is Porter's Five Forces of Competitive Position model.

It provides a simple perspective for assessing and analyzing the competitive strength and position of a corporation or business organization. The porter's five forces are:- 1. Threat of new market entrants which is entry ease or barriers, to enter match with the marketplace and routes to the market. 3. Substitute which is alternative price and quality of the product attract more customer and buyers. 4. Buyer power is customer not a consumer. Which is company needs to look at buyer choice needs such as product, services, demands, cost, frequency, SIT schedule 5.

Competitive rivalry. This is the strong factor because company have to compete with other companies which is they need to take seriously. PEST Analysts The third strategy should be considered is PEST Analysis Template. It is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. In fact, environmental analysis should be continuous and feed all aspects of planning this strategy is very useful for brick and mortar and E-business Company.

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