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E-Business Case Analysis

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Security remains one of the challenging aspects in every information system that interfaces with monetary concerns for purchase of product or service. At this juncture, investment on electronic payment systems would not only focus on the growing security perspective but at the same time to safeguard the stakeholders trust and confidence over the online activity which has spurred in the recent times. The online businesses amount to several millions of users in Asia and more adding up every day, requires to secure demand for safe sale of goods and services.

HourEPS provides just that cutting edge in the field of not just implementation of security, but to deeply analyze the security penetrations for your company, explore the various loopholes of the security life cycle for your firm, discover the various aspects where security is to be fit and thus performs a thorough analysis of the firm prior to devising a plan and implementing security. Our research team judges every deep exploration of a firm and suggests various processes which need to be modeled in the security life cycle implementation.

The risk assessment and exploration is considered a key phase in the entire engagement of the company. The first section of this report focuses on the company background, detailing its origin and various resources to be engaged. The second section takes care of the business requirements of security. It also includes the various wired and wireless security aspects which focus largely on developing a modern business environment. The feasibility of the enterprise in terms of economic reasons and technical reasons for selecting a particular technology for recommendation to its clients.

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The rest of the sections detail the project management aspects like costs, time, risk assessment and final evaluation of the business after the implementation of electronic payment system (EPS) for the firm. Company background Bandag Incorporated is based out of Muscatine Iowa and is a leader in the commercial tire manufacturing business. Bandag sells procure rubber products and manufacturing equipment to their franchises who retread commercial truck tires. A major aspect to the success of Bandag is their large base of national accounts including Waste Management, FAB Express, and Republic Services.

These accounts are served worldwide by their franchise network. As you can tell, Bandag is on a mission to keep trucks rolling by creating and delivering the best products and services for customers (Bandag, Inc. , 2006). Bandag Incorporated has a worldwide presence in five countries; Brazil, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and United States. They have 11 manufacturing plants in these five countries with an employee base of 3,800 members. Most of the employee base is made up of remote workers including sales people and field technicians.

The president, chairman, and CEO of the company is Martin G Carver. Mr. Carver has held this position since the early 2006. With their worldwide presence comes a very interesting set of financial data. In 2007 Bandag had revenues of 920. 9 million dollars. In the same year they reported a net profit of 49. 5 million dollars which yielded $2. 52 earnings per share. In 2006 Bandag had revenues of 868 million dollars and reported profits of $66. 9 million. This created earnings per share of $3. 39 in 2006 (Bryant, 2006). As you can tell from their financial track record, the commercial tire industry is becoming more competitive. Expenses are rising but the market will not accept any price increases.

E-Business Case Analysis essay

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