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Dream Vacation Destinations

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Vacations are when we spend time with love ones and build lifelong memories. Everyone have different things to do which they consider enjoyable or relaxing. Traveling to different places is one of them.

One of the vacation destinations I think others like me, who were born on a small island, would want to go are the cities. They not only have many skyscrapers and extensive systems, but also have big shopping malls and a lot of high-tech equipments.

In the cities, we can go to interesting places such as visiting museums, going to historical places of importance, and many other things. Cities are hubs of culture, melting pots so to say. That is why we have a diversity of eating options to choose from.

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Oakland is one of the top best cities to visit. It is a multi-cultural destination unto itself, with world-class attractions including Jack London Square, Lake Merritt, the Fox Theater, the Oakland Zoo, Children’s Fairyland, Temescal Alley, funky Telegraph Avenue, and the Coliseum, adjacent to the Oakland Arena, where the Golden State Warriors saw their historic rise. No wonder almost 4 million people travel there every year.

Some people just want to escape the busy and noisy environment around them. The countryside is the perfect place to be. It is generally quiet and peaceful. Time seems to run more slowly in the countryside which is a great time to take away stress and just relax. There isn't as much traffic or smog or pollution from industries. Ecologically speaking, the advantages to living in the countryside include eating locally grown food and growing vegetables and fruits in backyards. We don’t even have to worry about pollution to spoil our food.

Outdoor aficionados may prefer the countryside because of the convenient access to hiking, climbing, bike riding, camping, fishing, hunting and numerous places where we can do just about anything we want without traveling somewhere else to do it. We can just step out the back door and be in or near a nature trail.

The perfect place to make a rural escape is Tuscany, Italy. A round-up of quintessential European countrysides would not be complete without a mention of Tuscany. The rolling picturesque patchwork of vineyards and villages that comprise Italy’s heartland remains one of the world’s most visited regions.This is the birthplace of vintages like Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino as well as the Italian Renaissance, experienced in no place better than at Florence’s famed. Just as charming is the town of Montaione, where locals press their own olive oil around the 2,700-acre estate known as Hotel Il Castelfalfi.

Others may enjoy a cruise vacation to different islands. Nothing better but a trip to paradise. I recommend to take a mat, put on some sunscreen and lay under the sun in order to get that golden shiny skin. The warm climate is one of the reasons why tourists usually go to islands. It is an escape from the cold winter weather. Instead of wearing big heavy coats, we can wear bikinis and shorts. Some people enjoy vacationing at the beach.

Climate is one of the biggest selling points when deciding on a beach vacation. It is a must go place when visiting an island.

Saipan is a great example of an island vacation. Its blue skies and clear water makes Saipan a vital source of the island's revenue and economic activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling on Saipan are deservedly the most popular activities here among western tourists, though gambling and karaoke/hostess bars are most popular among Korean businessmen, as well as some Japanese travelers. For scuba divers, the term "Fun Dive" is used for those who have already been certified and just want to recreational dive, while "Taiken dive" is used to designate first-time divers that take classes on Saipan. While boat dives are available, we can still drive to some awesome dive sights, like Grotto. A cavern dive to open ocean is great.

All in all, I think choosing a vacation destination really depends on the person planning it. A planned vacation is always better because we can do more research on the places we want to go before even going there. I hope this can help those who are planning to go on a vacation.

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