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Drawing One Direction

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When news broke round that One Direction was on the verge of breaking up, it sent shockwaves around the world. Fans felt disappointed, and millions who had fallen in love with the boys started floating possible reasons why such a vibrant music group was calling it quits. But that was a few years ago, precisely on August 2015. It has been more than three years now, but hits such as What Makes You Beautiful,  Best Song Ever and many others still reign supreme not only in the hearts of fans but also in the minds of those who got to discover more about the music group recently.

And now, news that 1D is working out a possible reunion which several sources indicate would be in the nearest future, everything is becoming feverish once again. Talk less of hiatus that brought to a halt one of the world’s best music band and forget about Zayn exit, there is a lot in the offing right now. In a recent interview, while talking about their hiatus, Harry Styles equally touched on the possibility of reuniting in the near future. And if anything is to go by, there is no doubt green lights paint a picture of the most anticipated re-emergence of one the world’s greatest singing group.

You may be thinking what will become of Zayn Malik who quit the group three months earlier in 2015 before the official announcement of 1D hiatus and that’s okay. Celebrity gossip mills have it that after launching a solo music career and even going ahead to release a hit single dubbed Sign of the Times, Zayn may not be rejoining 1D any time soon.

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One Direction Art Musings

Now, onto something even more interesting, art musings about One Direction have been all over the place before and after their breakout. Whether it is a depiction of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson or Zayn Malik, artists have Drawing One Direction in many ways. For a student, you would agree that drawing essays can be difficult without the right ideas or concepts. However, that shouldn’t be the case when you have a few examples of your favorite boy band ‘One Direction’ which you can drawn writing inspiration from.

Well, this post walks you through a few drawings to ignite your creative juices. Think about it this way: What if One Direction was to star in Avengers? How would the trailer poster look like? For a seasoned artist, that would only be a tip of the iceberg. It is because there are many ways to imagine drawings of 1D not only as Avengers but also as puppies in a Walt Disney Production. Take a look.

1. Banana King-A depiction of Harry Styles

Harry Style have been spotted eating bananas on several occasions on stage, and you may have wondered why he does it. Some say bananas represent a free-style code for the big stage while another investigate story opines that Harry doesn’t have enough potassium. In other stories, he just loves eating bananas aside from using them to tease audiences.

Well, that may have just made a lot more sense for Dani B, a Tumblr artist who decided to draw Harry in a banana suit. But did it just make his banana problem get worse? Well, it’s a story for another day.

2. One Direction as Puppies

Before their break up, Puppy Drawing of 1D could have made a lot of sense.  But what if it would should the boy-band reunite in the future as rumored by several tabloids? What comes to mind when you see this drawing is personality and voices of Harry and Zayn. From being cool, happy faces, melodious voices to playful stage appearances, you get a picture of puppies keeping each other company-something which is reminiscent of 1D’s performances.

3. As Snow Bunnies

You must have come across several drawings of 1D on the web, but the one depicting the boys-only-band as snow bunnies brings to the fore food for thought. First, how could one ever think of such an artwork? Well, it makes for a perfect representation of the group’s song ‘Ready to Run.’ Snow stars and love as seen in the drawing represents everything about One Direction.

4. Emotions from Inside Out Drawing of 1D

There are several cartoonists rendition of One Direction, but not many know the boys’ way of expressing their emotions in songs like Cyrilliart from Tumblr does. It is an epic representation of anger, joy, disgust, fear and sadness, of which come at different points in 1D’s songs. But there is more.  It turns out Harry Styles influenced Pixar’s Inside Out. You may want to ask how?

Well, Harry would be anyone’s imaginary boyfriend, and Inside Out drawing doesn’t only paint a perfect picture of someone with high fashion sense, but also a man whose dances moves, mastery of piano notes and warmth is all you would want to see in a cool man.

5. One Direction Medieval Pub Crawlers

Here is another profoundly imagined art depicting 1D in all manner of ways: Medieval Pub Crawlers. No drawing would have been more imaginative and profound than that which imagines One Direction as a singing group hoping from one pub to another, drinking and meeting people. You may want to call a pub/bar music tour, but the fun lifestyle side of 1D is a perfect blend with such a deeply imagined artistic creation.

The Bottom Line

Art is powerful. It speaks the unspoken, the imagined, and deeply ingrained beliefs. That is what drawings that drawing One Direction represent. If you thought Avengers drawing of 1D is a perfect representation of their rumored reunion, then you have not seen Mermen representing Harry and Louis or a rendition of 1D as Disney’s Dalmatian dogs.

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