Difficult Professional Situation

In my professional life, I have encountered a lot of difficult situations but one way or another I find a way to get over it. Problems hound every institution and the skills of the employees and how these employees handle difficult situations reflect how a company recovers from such problems. I am proud to say that I can consider myself as one of these good employees who can handle difficult situations.

One of the most difficult situations I have faced in my entire career was when I worked at Freddie Mac during all of the restatements. The Sarbanes Oxley Act was just implemented at the time and I was in a team assigned to implement control processes required by the act. As my team was working, we noticed that many of the managers would not take the changes seriously. They perceive that it is not as important as their other tasks.

Having seen this problem, I suggested that we make the process more appealing. Incentives were put in place so that the different teams will start to take the process more seriously. After some time, the tasks became second nature to all the employees. As a result, the entire firm took note of our success and we were given due recognition for our efforts. Others departments within the company also took note of our success and decided to implement the same to ensure the right processes are observed.

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Difficult Professional Situation
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