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Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank: Literary Essay In The Diary of Anne Frank, we witness Anne mature much more quickly than a normal teenager would, an outcome of the conditions in which she is forced to live by. This is exemplified by her relationship with Peter, her confident knowledge in things unclear, and her patience when dealing with negativity enhanced by those surrounding her. When Anne first arrived in the Annex, she approached Peter with the enthusiasm of a child, excited about the prospect of meeting new people.

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Although Anne had taken notice that he was a boy of a similar age group, she did not consult it entirely, as it was not a matter to her concern. Later in the play, after Anne and Peter begin speaking as friends on a regular basis, Anne begins to see him as an individual and realizes that he really is an older and likeable male. Their discussions become more formal and the purpose for each day, as Anne fusses over her hair and Peter his outfit. Trapped in such close quarters with a boy, Anne begins to see the male population as more than just something to giggle over- she begins to see them as people, with principals, goals and morals.

Peter gives Anne the opportunity to speak as an equal, to be listened to without prior-formed judgments and disregard due to her age. Anne speaks with passion and honesty, grateful and optimistic in her words, “When I think of the dearness of you, Peter…and the goodness of the people we know…Mr. Kraler, Miep, Dirk, the vegetable man, all risking their lives for us everyday…when I think of these good things, I’m not afraid anymore. ” [84] Peter brings forth an unseen side of Anne, only witnessed in her diary.

With their discussions, Anne is able to voice her thoughts, and her opinions do bloom: “I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with mother. It’ll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but someday…I still believe, in spite of everything, that people really are good at heart. ” [84] With the help of Peter, Anne matures with unusual speed, as she is surrounded by adults and therefore impacted by their manner. Anne, being the youngest, has nothing to do but grow and learn, and her enthusiasm towards doing such further escalates her travels through adolescence.

At this point in her life, Anne is on a journey to discover and shape her own character, beliefs and morals. All seems uncertain, and suddenly everything seems to way on ones shoulders. This is not an easy task or burden, not an easy period in ones life. Anne, however confused, takes it all in piece by piece, productively making her way towards adulthood. This takes years at a time, using around a tenth of a practical individual’s life. Anne, though, conquers many meaningful aspects in just a few years time.

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