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Developing the management skills

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Irrespective of the cadre one is employed in, a modest behavior with one another, at all times is essential to not to give rise to behavior problems which in turn require an exercise of motivation tool by the management. However, problems set to arise when different mindsets come together for the purpose of work and solutions are always available for every problem of behavior in an organization. Appreciably EL, a professional organization, has appointed a consultant, an outsider to analyze the behavior of its employees to enable a crystal clear picture of employees behavioral and motivational problem.

EL behavioral and motivational guidelines are excellent in setting a pattern of standards for employees. As it appears, engineers who form 88 per cent, are predominantly important for the operations whereas on this basis, the other employees are in some ways are encountering behavioral problems with engineers. There are no weaknesses for EL whereas the company has the ability to manage people well except to the fact that complete decision making is under the guidance of company’s President.

As for the President of EL, the high priority task would be to allow an open discussion forum of both engineers and administrative employees and consider written proposals for handling behavioral problems and after a thorough analysis of paper work, consider a motivational workshop wherein both engineers and administrative staff are encouraged to maintain harmony in workplace without giving cause to indifferent attitudes in work place. Per se, salaries, turnover, office and facilities are perfect and employees also have the support of consultant to discuss and put forth the issues that are causing concern.

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Scotland workshop on motivation considers that  FUN = ENERGY = MOTIVATION = FOCUS = RESULTS.  Individual performance as well teamwork is important for organizations to deliver quality work.  In order to train employees for total quality management  (TQM) awareness workshops must be conducted to encourage employees to exercise sharpening of skills,  explore individual strengths and lacunae areas. Finally, perfect and appropriate communication  solves half of the problems as a powerful motivational tool.

Motivated to succeed

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Developing the management skills essay

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