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Debate Topic: Cosmetic Surgeries Should Be Banned (For) 1. Cosmetic surgery can be psychologically damaging The compulsion to change one's body is often a symptom of a mental instability. It should be treated as a problem, not by surgery. Research indicating that breast augmentation patients are four times more likely to commit suicide compared to other plastic surgery patients raises questions about the mental health of women who choose implants. There are also studies that show negative psychological effects on patients after their surgery has been completed.

For example, a recent analysis 37 studies on patients' psychological and psychosocial functions before and after cosmetic surgery . They found several predictors of poor outcomes, especially for those who hold unrealistic expectations or have a history of depression and anxiety. The researchers found that patients who are dissatisfied with surgery may request repeat procedures or experience depression and adjustment problems, social isolation, family problems, self-destructive behaviors and anger towards the surgeon and his or her staff. 2.

The dangers involved in elective surgery are not worth the risk The risks can’t be justified. These risks apply both to the surgery itself, and to the long term. For example, leaking silicone breast implants have been a widespread problem and can lead to death. Silicone gel can leak from the implant into healthy breast tissue and go other parts of your body, such as the lungs and lymph nodes, where it could be impossible to remove. Studies published in 2001 by scientists at the National Cancer Institute raised questions about the long-term safety of breast implants.

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One study found that women who had breast implants for at least eight years were twice as likely to die from brain cancer, three times as likely to die from lung cancer or other respiratory diseases, and four times as likely to commit suicide, compared to other plastic surgery patients. A second study found that women with breast implants for at least eight years were 21% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer compared to other women their age.

There is also the risk that the person having the surgery will be dissatisfied with the results, and they may repeat the procedures, causing bigger health problems. 3. Cosmetic surgery is unfair, for only those who can afford it have access to it Only those that can pay for it get it. The most popular surgeries include breast augmentation, liposuction, nasal surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty. The surgeries cost from ? 2,000 to ? 6,000, which is about $25,000 to $75,000. So if it has the advantages the opposition claims, the rich will look good, and the poor will not. . An outright ban would be easier than the partial bans that have been enacted in some places The state of Queensland in Australia has a ban on teenagers having plastic surgery.

This prevents anyone under 18 having cosmetic surgery unless it is to correct deformities or disfiguring injuries. Cosmetic surgery is already to some extent regulated. As such it would not be difficult to expand these regulating bodies to be making sure that cosmetic surgery is only performed when as in Queensland it is to correct deformities and disfiguring injuries. . The availability of cosmetic surgery increases pressures on women that they must look beautiful. Researchers report that women’s magazines have ten and one-half times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do, and over three-quarters of the covers of women’s magazines include at least one message about how to change a woman’s bodily appearance—by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery. These views about appearance are damaging because it leads to seriously unhealthy lifestyles that women think they need to look beautiful.

For example, in 2003, Teen magazine reported that 35 per cent of girls 6 to 12 years old have been on at least one diet, and that 50 to 70 per cent of normal weight girls believe they are overweight. Cosmetic surgery sends the message that the prejudices some have about appearance are valid. Conclusion: In conclusion, I think that cosmetic surgeries should be banned, but it could be used to correct deformities and disfiguring injuries.

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