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Dear Professor Wiesel

Dear Professor Wisest, My name is (name here), a (grade) at Esters (School). My English class had Just finished your book “Night”, and I must say it was one of the most interesting books I’ve read in awhile. I was extremely excited when my teacher first proposed the idea of reading a survivors story of the Holocaust.

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I had found it very fascinating to hear a story coming from you, being a survivor of the Holocaust. First, after analyzing details of the book “Night”, I feel several things need to be read and acknowledge by every human being in order to prevent future mass encodes such as the Holocaust.

It seems to me that genocide starts as Just a small idea and in no time it spreads Just as a wild fire would, it grows rapidly. It’s absolutely disgusting to know discrimination amongst differences still exists in today’s society and eventually leads to the same conclusion. “Night”, I feel is a great attempt to end discrimination and genocide which is why I truly admire what you have done by reliving your horrific experience in order to teach the world more about the Holocaust from a different perspective.

Next, having to live in such a such confined place such as Auschwitz with little food and water is hard enough, but having to cope with such pain from seeing your whole family die along with friends and family for no reason is Just speechless. I had a real tough time coping with a family member death who passed away from old age. Just thinking of what I’d do if I found out my parent’s or sister were dead is unimaginable, let alone seeing them die. I honestly don’t know how you did it. What did you look up towards? What were you thinking of doing?

Being alive now must be official at some points from the terrifying memories that run through your head. In conclusion, I really want to thank you for having the courage to write this story in such great details. You’ve not only changed others perspectives on discrimination and genocide, you’ve change mine as well. There was so many details that I feel I could reread this book multiple times and pick up something new each time. Thanks for facing the terrible time in your life in order to teach others and giving us a closer look at humanity’s darkest hours. Thanks, (name here) Dear Professor Wisest By motorbike