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Dear God Essay

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Kalina, Presented to: Mrs. G December 20th, 2012 Dear God Movie Ethical Consideration The film “Dear God” directed by Garry Marshall is about a young man named Tom Turner who is a specialized con man. However, once he gets caught by the police, he has the choice to either go to jail or find a real job. He chooses the job. Tom finds himself working at a post office, sorting dead mail. In all likely turn of events, Tom finds himself answering “dear god” letters and helping those who are in desperate need to uncover the happiness they deserve.

Faith plays a role in this film because even though nobody can physically see God, they continue to pray and write letters to him, hoping someone will hear their prayer. Justice also plays a role because justice is about empowering people who need it the most and doing what is right. Take the old man who wrote a letter that he was going to commit suicide. It is justice that out of all the letters that could have been picked, his showed up and a life was saved. He wrote that letter in some hope, someone would read it and save him.

His faith and honesty in God led him to be saved. The world is anything but a perfect place. And even though so many of us live in luxurious houses and have access to so many technologies, there are always going to be people who need help. Whether it be money, taking to someone or saving lives. There are so many problems and issues people can have. It can be a large country as a whole, like third world countries who struggle to find water and food for themselves or someone battling depression. People have faith because they need to believe something good can happen for them.

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They need to know that someone is watching over them and that they are not alone. I think having faith in something or someone can give people the confidence to even start making their own choices and actions. I think it is so difficult for people to reach out and help others because we live in a world where there are so many complications, expectations and pressures. People have so much going on in their own life; they think they have no time to help others with theirs. We are so caught up in our own roblems we forget that so many others are faced with the same challenges and may even have it worse. Some people we also feel resent towards helping others because no one has helped them when they needed it. I feel like more people have become selfish and if they haven’t gotten something then they shouldn’t help someone else receive it either. Nowadays, people will only help others if they get something in return, but in my opinion that still doesn’t count as helping someone if you’re doing it for yourself. I think society is already on the path of self-absorption.

And if continues to in the same way it is going, I think it could lead to a massive amount of deaths that are unnecessary. Take Egypt, Syria or even Greece for example, all these countries have major conflicts that have lead to protests and deaths. I think society will continue to behave selfishly if they continue on this path and nobody will appreciate the true meaning of life, all they will care about is money. I believe that a large amount of people in the world care more about money and possessions than they do about loved ones or people.

However, I also believe that there are also many people who still possess a kind heart and do want to help others without their own benefit. If more people start to look at things from different viewpoints and put themselves in other people’s shoes, they can make a difference, just like Tom Turner. People need to start believing in the more positive aspect instead of the negative and have a little faith that sometimes people will do nice things for others without getting anything in return.

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