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Curriculum Leader as Change Agent

Curriculum Leader as Change Agent The profession of nursing is a vital part of the health care system. Any change in the system brings about change in the profession.

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Curriculum Leader as Change Agent

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. The workplace environment for health care workers has undergone change, too. There is a wide range of continuous improvement of healthcare forces brought about by technological advances and modernization in society especially in the field of nursing curriculum.

Responding to the challenge brought about by these changes in the healthcare environment and the healthcare workplace means major reforms in the delivery and management of the health care system. It means a health care workforce function as a change agent and create a preferred future for nursing Leader education and nursing practice who is ready and prepared to meet the advances of modern society and its accompanying challenges.

It is for this reason that every nurse should pursue the pathway of curriculum educator. As educator leader, we are envisioned to be integrated and comprehensive approaches to health development. It endeavors to make essential goods, health and nursing education as part of the so called re-engineering Change in the healthcare system has a major impact on how, where, and even who practice nursing (Catalino, 1996). Nurses will need to get involved in decisions about where healthcare is going.

They need to band together as a profession and exert potential power that they have access to politicians, physicians, hospital administrators, and insurance companies in shaping the future of their profession. Preparing nurse educator curricula must address the core of knowledge and skills essential for effectiveness and excellence in the nurse educator role and make transparent the scope and standards of nurse educator practice.

Each nurse educator course specifically addresses one or more of the core competencies including curriculum design, assessment and evaluation, instructional technology, and designing systems to support change in nursing education. Nurse educator as leader and agent to change must encourage students, co workers and other professions to tell their stories, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and describe their growth and development in the educator role. This facet of nursing should engages future nurses in critical thinking, fosters creativity, and motivates them to use standards to inform their own practice.

Most importantly, the Nurse Educator as leader and agent of change challenges students to reflect upon their academic preparation in each of the core competencies and prepares them to assume roles as leaders and innovators in the practice and science of nursing education. Nurse educator as innovator should also reflect on the essence of each of the competencies in their practice; select evidence that demonstrates their knowledge and abilities for each competency; and project excellence based on their learning and professional goals, on the core competencies of nurse educators.

For example, facilitate learning , facilitate learner development and socialization, use assessment and evaluation strategies, participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes, function as change agent and leader, pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role, engage in scholarship, and function within the educational environment

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