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Covering Letter for Acca Course

August 21, 9999 XYZ University International Admissions Office XYZ Street, London, UK Dear Sir/Madam: I am a senior consultant at Alpha Beta Pvt Ltd. , and would like to pursue ACCA course at XYZ University. I am very much interested to make a career in the field of Accounting and Finance which has always intrigued me on the magic of numbers and their impact on business and society at large.

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And I found that my interest lies in Accounting/Assurance, where I can best use my numeracy and analytical skills.

I would like to pursue my further education in Accounting with a global qualification as ACCA which would provide me an excellent start in core accountancy skills there by helping me build a successful career in finance. Also the work experience, I gained in Human Resources in management level would put me in a superior position to better comprehend some of the management level papers of ACCA course. After all my research on where to study for ACCA, I found XYZ University to be the best place to study and prepare for an ACCA global qualification.

I am excited about XYZ’s world class teaching commitment towards accounting for which it has been known for many years and I am keenly looking forward to be a part of XYZ. At 10+2 level, my concentration was in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, which has strengthened my analytic skills. And my work experience all these years in Operations and Human Resources has broadened my understanding of the economics of business growth and development. And my work experience with Alpha Beta and Sigma Omega over the last four years gave me the experience and confidence to work in a dynamic, fast-paced organization where learning uickly and attention to details are instrumental to success. As a member of the recruitment operations, I had chance to interact with senior management from global firms like Invesco Ltd, Franklin Templeton, Cognizant Technology Solutions and Capgemini which has further aided my business understanding. And acquiring global financial qualification like ACCA would surely help in enhancing my finance and business understanding along with my analytical skills using which I can make a mark for myself with the support and guidance from XYZ.

In order to gain hands on basics in Accounting before I start ACCA course with BPP, I have registered myself with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) which is the awarding body for Chartered Accountants in India, with which I am studying Fundamentals of Accounting along with General Economics, Mercantile Law and Quantitative Aptitude. Thank you for your consideration. I very much look forward to the opportunity to get trained for my ACCA qualification by XYZ. Sincerely, ABC GYC