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Admission to MBA Course

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My principal objective and life’s ambition had always been to work in an atmosphere that not only demanded the utmost of my potentiality but also challenged my abilities.  It is commonplace for soldiers to be accoutered with fully loaded weapons and the requisite mental preparedness to emerge victorious in battle.

In a similar manner, I have always possessed enormous experience, organizational abilities and psychological preparedness in meeting the demands of the contemporary work environment.

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I have experience of working in physical care and wellness and I completed an undergraduate course in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Prior to the year 2000 I worked for the United States Army as a Production Controller. My tenure with the US Army helped me to achieve organizing capabilities and expertise in management and supervision.

During the years from 2000 to 2003, I was associated with the Women’s Hospital of Texas as an administrative assistant, where I gained expertise in the allotment of duties to office personnel, preparation of medical charts, physician’s reports and the radiology department’s clinical reports.

These reports had to be prepared and submitted to the physicians of the hospital on a daily basis. I also assisted the radiologists, physicians, patients and their families and extended my moral support to patients and their near relatives, in order to alleviate their suffering. In this task, I invariably offered my best efforts and always lent a helping hand in a friendly manner.

I developed a number of supervisory skills, like keeping track of office supplies and ensuring that stocks were always available. I maintained the secrecy of patients’ records filed with the hospital.

My extensive experience helped me to assume positions involving multifaceted responsibilities. Consequently, I gained considerable organizing skill and the competence to be a part of large-scale facility projects.

Thereafter there was no turning back. I became very proficient in budgeting, scheduling of events and the promotion of customer relations. All these activities enabled me to become very good at building teams and to assume the position of a role model for others. Subsequently, I acquired program management skills and was extremely successful in providing service in the corporate environment.

In addition, I possessed adequate knowledge to recruit, train and encourage professional staff development. I also worked in group facilitation, and in this particular field I emerged as an undisputed leader. My communication skills were proved on many an occasion to be outstanding.

I am extremely proficient with the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher and software applications like FitLinxx, MediTech and Eclipse. Whilst working as a Product Sales Developer in TechnoGym USA, Seattle, WA and I developed programming around Easy Line circuit equipment and provided essential product information to the sales personnel.

This entailed the design of presentations, making conference calls and preparing product literature to improve sales and the preparation, execution and revision of project plans.

I have faced a number of challenges in life. One of them relates to my tenure in the military. I joined up at the age of nineteen and to put it frankly I was all at sea. We had to undergo physical exercises six days a week for an hour at a stretch. It was not much different from physical torture.

Then we were made to march for twelve miles with a rifle and a forty pound knapsack. Afterwards we had to stand at attention, without making even the slightest of movement. In addition, we had to memorize and answer a number of questions while waiting in line for food.

Emotionally our psyche took a tremendous beating, as we were not allowed to see our family members or friends till a month had elapsed, which forced us to develop new friends.

This experience proved to be a baptism by fire and I emerged much stronger and better equipped to face the worst in life. I developed self reliance, team spirit and since the targets were never ending it became second nature to strive for attaining goals. This served to enhance my ambition and fighting spirit enormously.

I have received several citations and certificates for the exemplary work performed by me. I am a trained instructor in Yoga, Spin, Pilates and CPR. My life’s ambition is to start a Health and Fitness enterprise. To this end I would like to commence studios that take care of fitness and provide personalized training.

My observation has been that a significant number of institutions that offer fitness services do not cater to individual needs. My enterprise will take a very close look at the nutritional value of the food being consumed by my clientele. There will be stores for such purchases and these stores will offer customized shopping services.

I will implement meal plans that will take into account the specific requirements of my customers. My principal objectives are to develop skills related to the management of projects, develop self – sufficiency and conduct a successful business. Moreover, I intend to travel extensively for both business and pleasure, because travel expands the mind.

These are my aspirations and a few of my extensive accomplishments. The next logical step is to obtain suitable formal education in management.  This will not only improve my career prospects but also help me to perform at my optimum level. Thus, I made a survey of the different colleges offering the MBA program and concluded that the Marylhurst University’s MBA program was best suited to my unique needs.

This program produces professionals with strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills with a holistic view of the business process from the shop floor to the retail outlet. The faculty members are working professionals, who keenly and unstintingly, impart their professional experience to the students, which renders this course very valuable. Moreover, the curriculum is flexible and pragmatic in its approach and content and emphasizes the application of the principles taught in class to the real world.

The cardinal objectives of this program are to enable the student to possess the latest knowledge in such diverse fields as accounting, finance, law, etc; to become extremely proficient in analyzing national and international business environments; to comprehend the latest business concepts and emerging trends in management and information technology and discover one’s professional competencies in order to enhance one’s career prospects.

Obviously, such a combination of goals and competencies is unique in the MBA programs available in this country and management graduates from this university perform exceptionally well in the industry. Therefore, it is my intention to register with this great university’s MBA program (Master of Business Administration).


Master of Business Administration. (n.d.). Retrieved October 29, 2007, from Marylhurst University:

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