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Corrution the cancer of Indian society

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The problem In our country is not the lack of knowledge or understanding about corrupt practices but the lack of courage to stand against such practices It Is very easy to target others including politicians but what about common man? WE HAVE to understand that the system is corrupt because we are also corrupt. First, we have to change ourselves then only we can expect change In others. This Is a very old method to point the fingers towards the wrongdoing of others. But no one is ready to check their own character. M really questioning the validity of self- referred right people. Before pointing fingers towards others, including politicians and other government employees, we should Introspect ourselves. I am seeing that everybody is ready to abuse the system but what about ourselves. Are we common people really different from those who are in politics and other sphere of life and running this country? No, that is the truth. We are no more different from those whom we are abusing continuously on different forum Including media.

We are ready to talk about corruption till the time we want to abuse politics. For me doing anything ring is also a type of corruption and most of us in some way or other are involved in corrupt practices. It is quite possible that most readers will not agree with me on this because they are also in the same boat. Let us see whatever what I am saying is correct or not. We are ready to pay money in the form of bribe to get connections of different types such as gas, water, and electricity - all out of turn.

There may be others In the society who are not able to pay such bribes to get such connections out of turn and even some time they have to Walt for longer period of time just because of people like us so called middle class who ant corruption to be eradicated from society. There are others In the middle class - especially small time businessmen like shopkeepers of different types, - and they may be earning more than what we are getting in the form of our monthly salary but they are not ready to pay income tax.

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There will be more than 10 million such shops in our country and most of them are not paying enough taxes as per law. People opposing FED in retail sector are actually supporting such shopkeepers. What is the need in the world for the parties to fight on such important issue of FED because of such tax evaders? They know very well how to evade Income tax and other taxes and they are at the same time running a market of black money. Whereas FED will bring a lot of money to the government in the form different taxes but it will ensure transparency too in the retail segment.

So basic question remains are we really Interested to eradicate corruption from our society? If the answer is yes, then we have to start from ourselves rather than ask others to do. First, we have to change and then only we can expect the change in suit. Let us assume one person in each family take a vow to be not corrupt whatever resistances will be there believe me that more than 50% corruption will eradicate at very such time. Gandhi]' had stressed that there is enough in the world for man's need but hopelessly not adequate for his greed.

In India, it is the greed of a very few individuals that has threatened the teeming billion odd population of starvation, environmental degradation, uncontrolled rise in pollution and deteriorating environmental standards. Looking at Ago in the last 60 years, there is a visible difference. Ago through the sass right up to the late sass sustained itself admirably on solar energy. The ignite of labor saw every Goanna earn his bread through the day and sleep peacefully at night. The spring waters were pure, clean and rich in minerals, smoothening, invigorating and refreshing.

Food supply may not have been plentiful but was adequate. The helpless and those 'unfortunates' incapable of labor were looked after by the family, neighbors, friends or the societal form of institutions like the temple and church institutions or the likes of provider. No doubt then that although there was exploitation of the maunders by a handful of bathmats, by and large the incidences of robberies, rapes, murders and crimes were ender control thus affording Goons the tag of a 'peaceful society'.

Goons were appreciated as gentle, hardworking, talented and a faithful workforce. Goanna musicians, cooks, clerks, doctors, administrators, nannies, personal assistants, engineers and scientists became role models in all walks of life and made their mark in politics too. Goons strives hard to ensure the environment remained clean, green and salubrious. Do we have courage to take such a vow? I don't think so. If yes, for which chances are very less, then it will be really good for the country as a whole.

Corrution the cancer of Indian society essay

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