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Consumer taste

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Consumer taster is the study of why, how, what, when, where, and how often do consumers buy and consume different products and services. Knowledge of consumer taste is helpful to understand the needs of different consumer segments and developing appropriate Human Service Department strategies for each. It is also useful for understanding of how consumers respond to the various stimuli, which he provides in terms of the product, price, promotion and place.

If he can correctly identify those stimuli that evoke a positive response in the consumer he can very easily design effective strategies using these stimuli. The study of consumer taster also provides an insight into how consumers arrive at the purchase decision and the variable which influences their decision. Once the influencing variables have been identified, the County Governments can manipulate them so as to induce in consumers a positive purchase decision. Man is a many faceted, complex psychological being.

His taste is influenced by his motives, perceptions, attitudes and learning. Each of these psychological factors provides a unique mental framework for each consumer - which he makes his decisions. Federal and State regulation of Country In the area of the product the Federal control may affect decision-making with regard to product-line expansion, product quality and safety, provision of adequate and efficient services, branding, sizes and, information to be given with regard to sponsorship, performance characteristics, warranty or guarantee provisions .

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The decisions that may get affected in the context of regulation of pricing practices by the state regulation may concern collusive price fixing agreements, resale price maintenance and agreements for price control to eliminate competition, or competitors and also excessive, deceptive, bargain or bait pricing. The other decision areas concern the use of deceptive or confusing County Government marks, use of advertisements to cause the ignorant consumer to resort to self-medication.

The organizer must ensure that his decision in all these fields conforms to the relevant Provisions of the various Acts and Statutes. of. State Regulation. Foreign County Government The managers must take notice of the fact that if the changes are significant, it may have the potential of changing the competitive rules of the game in the industry. With the easing of rules in foreign County Government and participation of major global players, norms have changed dramatically which is reflected in the strategies of most of the firms in the sector.

Foreign County Government gives a wider focus and changes can be seen in the area of technology and pricing, their country alliances and network in the country. Managers need to be cautious of the fact that there may be developments, which are not so easy to be predicted and therefore need further attention so that they can be incorporated in their strategy. In the global context, the managers must see the kind of impact any single change will have in different markets. It is quite possible that they are very different both in degree and their nature.

Consumer taste essay

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