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Conflict Reflection

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University What makes an effective, moral, and efficient leader? Over the last several years in the workforce I have tried to learn what it takes to have strong leadership in the workforce. The way I see it leadership is made of many different parts which have been taken from many different areas. Things such as reading, training, and various programs that we have taken part in while in the workforce that are meant to enhance our leadership capabilities.

Leadership from my perspective is made up of any different things such as being open minded, how we work and interact with others, being open to lifelong learning from any meaner, being a collaborator, having vision, and you must be willing to take risks when necessary. I have been working hard to become a better leader and feel like I make more and more progress all the time. I have learned that a key part of this is how you work with others. I have also learned that a definite key to to success it having characteristics such as integrity, education, knowledge, skill, and determination.

I am still learning and want to learn and improve more every day. Introduction: While preparing to do this paper I used a few different sources to complete the research that allowed me to complete this paper. I first read the text from the course, which lead me to the web sites kissers. Com and outfielders. Com/big five. I was able to take the information from these three sources to make a pretty accurate assessment of my leadership style, my strengths, and of my weakness. This information will help me to better understand and make a plan for me to become a better leader for the future.

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Test Result Kissers Style Sorter: When took the personality on the Kerrey website, my personality type was labeled as n idealist. I was not really sure that I agreed with this until I really sat down and read the assessment. When I reflected on what I though this meant I was not sure that this was a good or bad thing. I really though that this was not necessarily a good thing and was really beginning to doubt my abilities as a leader. After reading the assessment I realized that this was much more me that I ever really thought it could be.

I believe that being an idealist can be considered and amazing strength. Being an idealist shows that I not only strive to develop myself but that I strive to be the best that I can be. In striving to be the best this also meaner wanting to help others. Others, and they want to help them reach their full potential in many area such as learning, counseling, social services, personal work, Journalism, helping others find their way, and helping them to reach their maximum potential. Idealists are also very ethical. In today's business environment all to often ethics continue to be an issue.

It is very hard sometimes to determine the difference between right and wrong and choosing the hard right over the easy wrong. Idealists' still find a way to hold themselves to the highest standard of personal integrity. Idealists are also very kind people who show love and good will to most all people. They believe in being warm and giving to others, this leads to good friendly and loving relationships. They are one of the smallest populations and a very rare group only making up 15 to 20 percent of the population.

Big Five Personality Test When I took the Big Five Personality Test, one of the strengths that I found was in the area of conscientiousness. When I scored a 78 in this area and was very proud of that. There are many things that I would love to say that I have strengths in, and this is definitely one of them. I would to think that I and reliable and self-disciplined and this assessment showed me that I truly am. As I went through these assessments I realized that there are many areas that I could use some growth in.

I will not say that I was not shocked by some of them but seeing as how I answered the questions very honestly I figure that they must be pretty honest results. I really had in some of the areas sort off hard pill to swallow but I have done so and hope to use forward and use this to my advantage. On the Big Five assessment the score showed I was extremely closed minded, and his came as a shock to me. I always considered myself to be a person who was open to new ideas and new experiences. I now can see with the way that answered these questions that that must not be the case.

I now know that I need to start looking at things and thinking about them before I make a final decision. I need to learn that I should not Just have the attitude that it is my ideas or my way or nothing. This attitude can be a big turn of to all of those who I work with, whether they are above or below me. I also was truly shocked to find out that this assessment show me to be an introvert. I had always considered myself to be an extrovert, this is the third time I have taken an assessment that has show me to be Just the opposite.

This is something that I definitely need to work on and I am not even sure how to fix it, as I don't really see it. I guess how I can grow in this and the previous area is Just to sit down and talk frankly with those that I work with. I can pose the issue to them and assure them that I would like them to address this subject freely so that I am able to correct the issue and move forward. If I do not find away to address and correct these issues it will have a great impact n how effective that I am in my Job. If people think that I am closed minded and introverted they will never want to approach me.

If I people perceive me to be unapproachable and closed off this could lead to issues that need to be address being put on the back burner. This could lead too lack of productivity and an unhealthy work environment. Overall I found these results to be shocking. Some of the areas on the assessment ultimately I am happy with the results because I may have otherwise never seen where these weaknesses lie. This helped me to see that I have both strengths and knees and how I can impact both sides for the positive.

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