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In any organization, Balance Scorecard Measurement System is laid down by way of the company’s strategy in four classes’ i. e. financial, customer, functional, and Continuous growth. All of these four perspectives are mainly considered as the cornerstone for company’s direction, target setting, etc. playing the role of a linkage to organizational branches in order to establish their contributions.

The Balance scorecards are chiefly applied in the companies to amend the communication system internally or externally, relationship formulation between vision, strategy and actions, performance evaluation, etc. Earlier, the balanced scorecard measurement system only kept conventional financial standards, but these conventional financial measures were inadequate to furnish the fair information. Thus, in this competitive environment for leading and measuring performance, the companies should create future value through investment in customers, innovation, suppliers, employees, processes, and technology.

The balanced scorecard utility proposes that organizations managers or executives have to view the organizational performance or its status from four views i. e. learning and growth perspective, financial perspective, Customer perspective and internal business process perspective. After that they should create table, gather information and examine it in concern to each of these views, so that it will be easy to amend the organizational performance effectively. The diagram shown below reflects the following four perspectives:

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(Balanced Scorecard Basics, 2009). The following table shows four major perspectives that may be considered in order to improve the organizational performance. The balance scorecard is made on the basis of the four factors: (Balanced scorecard) This measurement system allows the companies to chase a result that is linked with finance. It also allows supervising the performance build up. In order to balance the long term or short term objectives, it furnishes the model that considers the various decisive business indicators or factors.

Along with this, balance scorecard measurement system also relates and equilibrates the various indicators in the organization i. e. financial and non-financial, tangible and intangible, functioning drivers and results, internal and external views, etc. For example: Balance the external measures i. e. shareholders, customers, investors with the internal measures i. e. critical business processes, innovation, learning, and growth.

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