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Marketing Brand Strategy The Proctor and Gamble Company

Essay Topic:

The Proctor and Gamble Company have its long held concern and a wide range of products in the market and the level of competitive advantages by the company will depend on the scale with which the marketing system of its products is ensured.  However, though branding important in the market system, it wages various inefficiencies in providing a good support for the company’s marketing plan.

Though the product component of the company is broad, this memo will be limited to three products; where their brand slogans.“Silvikrin” is the slogan for hair care, “Vortex” is slogan for bleach, and “Born Blonde” is the slogan for hair dye.  Though these are slogans of product compounds, various inefficiencies are allied to their slogans and the broad product in general at the market.  Though the sales of the products are booming at the market, branding is allied to various inefficiencies as a tool for use in marketing of products.

As a basic intend of a marketing, it helps in the creation, communication as well as delivering the value of an organizations product.This is the map which guides to the success of operations in a business.  It’s a force which will help to think about the basic strategies as well as the tactics to use in creating a high competition at the market.  Every choice of marketing plan should therefore provide standards with which the competitive advantage of the organization’s activity can be claimed in the highly competitive market.

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(Kitchen, Pelsmacker, 51)

The process of branding in marketing plan is broad and perhaps cost inefficient if not well monitored.  Since the goal of the firm is to optimize its revenue through optimal costing, the success in this goal can only be through methods that ensure standard of high revenue at the most minimal cost activity.  However, the process of branding can rationally be uneconomical if not well monitored.

Every adequate branding should involve a thorough activity of analyzing the SWOT analysis of its activity. Elsewhere, the organizations should adequately evaluate the comparative state between its activity within the market and the level of competition by its competitive rivals.  Generally, the success in the market should involve opportunities. This helps to evaluate the strengths within the market portfolio to be able to formulate the most admissible standards of activity. (Varey, Lewis, 96)

However, every branding slogan or logo should be aimed at portraying and giving a certain message to the consumers within the market.  The basic problem in message delivery is the cost of competition state within the highly perfect competitive market.  In such a market, competitors ought to use methods of creating competitive advantages for the highest benefits and success in the market.  However, advertising is used as basic tool which helps to sell the state of organization’s product in the market with many product substitutes and complimentary goods.

However, product branding is a basic inhibitor in the creation of an authentic message which helps to portray a good image and favorability of the product in the market.  The opportunity cost in the message inefficiency portrayed by a brand slogan or a logo is the success of the substitute or complementary products of the competitors within market. The message delivery by a brand logo or a slogan should be explicitly simple and entitled to portray a direct message about the product.

However, the message held is such slogans or logos may be fundamentally ambiguous and chooses to provide difficulties in understanding the exactly scope, type, purpose and use of the product.  Other brand logos and slogans are synonymous to inadequate images that are portrayed by them.  Either, brand development posits a big problem in fighting for the product success in the market. This will cost an identification process of a brand slogan which would provide the greatest incentive to the customers. (Kotler, Keller, 52)

Unlike other methods of marketing, branding will only be limited to scope and number of customer at every one moment. Every marketing activity should provide the most adequate and cost efficient method of attracting a huge customers’ population.  At the implementation process of a brand slogan or a logo, inadequacy in the nature of the product may be the basic resultant feature which would even threaten the relationship of attraction to customers use.

Either, branding may be highly costly in its development which may imply un-optimal costing parameters.  Generally, brand slogans and logos are chief inhibitor of a products competitive advantage within the market which is endowed by high standards of competition.  One slogan may create a negative perspective of the product to the consumers which may necessary not be the case.  The opportunity cost of slogan/logo inefficiency by one organization’s product/service is the success of the close substitutes provided by the competitors.

Summarily therefore, branding may be a basic inhibitor in the marketing plan which is aimed at creating standards of competitive advantages of one product in the market.  They may be inefficient in providing an authentic message that can portray the accurate sense of product in the market.  Hence therefore, rationality should always be provided in defining the status of slogans and logos to use for product in order to increase their competition.

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