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Company Profile of Verizon, At&t, Boeing, and Target

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Verizon communications is a worldwide provider of communication services. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon is Ivan G. Seidenberg while its president and Chief Operating Officer is Dennis F. Strigl. Verizon was formerly known as Bell Atlantic Corporation. Bell was founded in 1983 but the name was changed in 2000 to Verizon Communications, Inc. Verizon was officially formed as a merger between Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. It is based primarily in New York but some parts of it are incorporated in Delaware. On July 3, 2000, it started trading under the VZ symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. It is said to be the second largest wireless telecommunications network of the United States.

It has two segment of operation: Domestic Wireless and Wireline. The Domestic Wireless segment is responsible for wireless voice services, wireless data services like the popular Broadband Access/ National Access. In addition to this it also provides picture and text messaging services, mobile Web, V Cast, location based services. It also helps businesses by providing them with short-term and long-term wireless business solutions. It has developed state of the art handsets for those customers looking for wireless devices.

The wireline segment has offered residential customers with communications and information services from basic telecommunication services to end-user access. It also includes value-added services like the voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID. Their broadband services include fiber optics, digital subscriber lines as well as national and international long distance services.


AT&T is a provider of telecommunication products and services to domestic and international businesses as well as residential and government customers. AT&T’s key executives include the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Randall L. Stephenson and the Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Sr. Executive VP Richard G. Lindner. It was originally incorporated in 1983.

AT&T was originally founded in 1983 from Southwestern Bell Corporation which is based in St. Louis, Missouri. It came as a result of a U.S. antitrust action in 1983 against American Telephone & Telegraph. By 1984 it had taken full control of Southwestern Bell Telephone. By January 31, 2005, Southwestern Bell Corporation announced purchasing AT&T for $16 billion. However, it was in December 1, 2005 when the company officially started trading under the T stock ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange.

AT&T is currently based in San Antonio, Texas, United States. It is considered as the US market leader in long distance services with customers exceeding  30 million. The current competition has forced the company to drive its rates to an all-time low. It is no longer trying to capture new customers but mostly trying to retain and build on the old customer base. The Business Services unit responsible for providing advanced data communication is the biggest revenue generator for the company. The revenues from this unit account for 75% of all revenues.

There are basically four operating segments of AT&T. Some of its services include long-distance services, wholesale services, directory advertising and publishing services, local exchange services, data/broadband and Internet services and the sale of telecommunication equipment. To retail customers, the company offers wireline services which include caller ID, call waiting, and voice mail services. Its wireline data services include network integration, packet services, dedicated Internet and enterprise networking services, dial-up Internet access, WiFi, DSL/broadband etc.


Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world. It has a partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation. Boeing was incorporated in 1916 by the infamous William Boeing under the name Pacific Aero Products Co. Its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BA. It is considered the second best maker of large commercial jets and the second best defense contractor. Boeing’s chairman, president and CEO is W. James (Jim) McNerney Jr. while it’s EVP and CFO is James A. Bell. Its biggest competitors are Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. The Beoing stock is a Dow Jones Industrial Average component. The largest exporter of United States is also the Boeing corporation.

Boeing’s main functions include designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting commercial jetliners, satellites, missile defense, military aircrafts, human space flight and launch systems globally. Boeing recently started its speed broadband communications services.

It has the following business segments: Commercial Airplanes and Integrated Defense Systems, Network and Space Systems (N&SS), Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC), Support Systems (SS) and Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems (PE&MS). Its commercial aircrafts include 767, 747 and the 787 Dreamliner which is due in 2008. In addition to this Boeing makes state of the art 737’s, military aircrafts which include the F-15 Eagle, F/A-18 Hornet, the AH-64D Apache helicopter and the C-17 Globemaster III transport. It also has space operations which include missiles, the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle and communication satellites.

Boeing has recently been associated with air pollution and environmental damage. University of Massachusetts claims from its research that it the corporation the United State’s thirteenth-largest producer of Air Pollution.


The American population is deeply familiarized with Target’s red bulls’ eye logo. After Wal-Mart, Target is the second largest discount chain of United States.  The target market is relatively more upscale than Wal-Mart’s.  Target is a corporation that operates in food discount stores and general merchandise all across the United States. The headquarters of Target are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The chairman and chief executive officer of Target is Bob Ulrich. It was ranked 30th in the fortune 500 2006 list. It sells the highest amount of cards as compared to any other US retailer and the third largest seller of music all over the United States.

It was originally founded in 1902. However, target stores were launched first in 1962 at Roseville, Minnesota by the Dayton Corporation. The department store operator Dayton merged with J.L. Hudson Company to form Dayton-Hudson. The name was changed to Target in 2000 and the ticker symbol was changed to TGT. It soon became the company’s biggest revenue generator.

The Target and Super Target brand handle a rich variety of general merchandise which consists of commodities and consumables, entertainment, sporting goods, toys, electronics, apparel and accessories, home furnishing, decoration and a separate line of food items. It is also selling its products to customers online. It has a network of integrated distribution centers and warehouses. According to the survey conducted on May 4, 2007, Target had 1502 stores operating in 47 states and 182 Super Target stores operating in 21 states. In addition to this, Target had 25 operational distribution centers and 4 import warehouses. Target has other subsidiaries which include Target Financial Services (TFS), Target Sourcing Services/The Associated Merchandising Corporation (TSS/AMC), Target Commercial Interiors, Target Brands and


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